Trois valses

Trois valses

Musical film

Musical film by Ludwig Berger (1938), adapted from the homonymous operetta by Oscar Straus (1935)
In black and white - 101 minutes

An evening presented by Benoît Duteurtre

Direction, Ludwig Berger on a scenario by Hans Müller, Léopold Marchand et Albert Willemetz
Music, Oscar Straus on themes by Johann Strauss father and son

With Yvonne Printemps, Pierre Fresnay, Henri Guisol, Jean Périer


Trois valses, or how love eventually prevails between a female artist and a high society man within three generations! A paragon of operetta, Trois Valses is as much Viennese as it is Parisian. Written in German by the composer of The Merry Nibelungen and A Waltz Dream, it enjoyed such success at the Bouffes-Parisiens that it was soon adapted for the screen with Straus’s favorite French actors, Yvonne Printemps and Pierre Fresnay. In this virtuosic film, do not miss Jean Périer: the creator of Pelléas and Mârouf plays the patriarch of the male descendants!



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