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from 20
to 30 June 2019


20 June 2019 8.00 pm

22 June 2019 8.00 pm

24 June 2019 8.00 pm

26 June 2019 audiodescription 8.00 pm

28 June 2019 8.00 pm

30 June 2019 audiodescription 3.00 pm

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Opéra comique in three acts to a libretto by Alfred Duru and Henri Chivot
Premiered at the Folies-Dramatiques in 1878

The Maréchal de Saxe wants Charles-Simon and Justine Favart to split and the actress to become his mistress. They are forced to live apart and hidden. Will their genius for intrigue save the couple?

Justine, the huge actress of the Age of Enlightenment, was also a heroine. Fleeing to the Netherlands to avoid the Maréchal’s advances in France, Justine changes identity to save her honor, her friends’ happiness, her husband’s career and, unknowingly, the future of the Opéra Comique. The anecdote, barely romanticized, mingles with history to end with a show within the show.

With Madame Favart, Offenbach managed to combine a picaresque narrative and a celebration of opéra comique in an operatic piece. Almost forgotten after decades of success, this great comedy is revived for the bicentennial of the composer.

To do justice to a thorough theater woman, only another such woman could play her role: Anne Kessler. Laurent Campellone makes Offenbach’s genius glow in the wake of a Fantasio that marked the 2017 season. By acting the protagonists of this adventure, Marion Lebègue and the artists of the Nouvelle Troupe Favart will give a spirited performance!

Music direction, Laurent Campellone

Staging, Anne Kessler

With Marion Lebègue, Christian Helmer, Anne-Catherine Gillet, François Rougier, Franck Leguérinel, Éric Huchet, Lionel Peintre, Raphaël Brémard

Choir of the Opéra de Limoges

Orchestre de Chambre de Paris


Music direction Laurent Campellone

Staging Anne Kessler, Sociétaire de la Comédie Française

Dramaturge Guy Zilberstein

Scenery Andrew D. Edwards

Costumes Leah Lieber

Choregraphy Glyslein Lefever

Lights Arnaud Jung

Choral director Marine Thoreau La Salle

Staging assistant Jeanne Pansard-Besson

Costume assistant Alice Cambournac

Choregraphy assistant Mikaël Fau

Madame Favart Marion Lebègue

Charles-Simon Favart Christian Helmer

Suzanne Anne-Catherine Gillet

Hector de Boispréau François Rougier

Major Cotignac Franck Leguérinel

Marquis de Pontsablé Éric Huchet

Biscotin Lionel Peintre

Sergent Larose Raphaël Brémard

Choir Chœur de l’Opéra de Limoges

Orchestra Orchestre de Chambre de Paris

New production Opéra Comique

Co-production Bru Zane, Opéra de Limoges, Théâtre de Caen

As part of 6° festival Palazzetto - Bru Zane Paris

As part of the 6th Festival Palazzetto Bru Zane Paris

Before the show

Meet the artists, Tuesday 4 June at 7 pm
Presentation of the production 45 minutes prior to the performance :

- Keys to the production, salle Bizet
- Sing Madame Favart, Foyer Favart

Running time

2 hours (intermission included)

Doors open Opera120 min End of the event

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