Gretel et Hansen



Salle Favart

from 9
to 11 February 2019


9 February 2019 8.00 pm

10 February 2019 audiodescription 3.00 pm

11 February 2019 2.00 pm

All dates


+33 (0)1 70 23 01 31

Ages 8 and up


€ 20 / € 10 (under age 18) / € 6 (schools)

In 2018 many adults and children alike have trodden the mosaics of the Opéra Comique for the first time during “Mon premier festival d’opéra” (My first opera festival). In 2019 this event is back with three productions intended for families as an introduction to the delights of music and singing. The Opéra Comique is doing its best to make these moments an unforgettable experience and offers a playful introduction before performances and the opportunity to meet the artists.

French adaptation by Henri-Alexis Baatsch and Sergio Menozzi, premiered in Lyon on 14 December 1995

Gretel and Hansel are two happy children despite the poverty of their parents. While picking strawberries, they get lost in the forest where lives a terribly greedy witch.

The famous Grimms’ tale inspired Humperdinck, an emulator of Wagner, to write a magical and funny opera still very popular in Germany. This rearranged and simplified classic of the repertoire will appeal to the patrons of the Salle Favart thanks to its French translation and its interpretation by young vocalists of the Maîtrise Populaire de l’Opéra Comique.

Music direction and staging, Sarah Koné

Scenery, Roberta Chiarito

With, Maîtrise Populaire de l’Opéra Comique


Music direction and staging Sarah Koné

Scenery Roberta Chiarito

Costumes Lucie Guillemet

Choreography Christine Bonneton

Musiciens Anne Defilhes (Flûte), Marie Fallion (Clarinette en la), Norbert Vergonjanne (Cor en fa), Anaïs Perrin (Violon), Lucile Perrin (Violoncelle), Anna Krempp (Piano)

With Maîtrise Populaire de l’Opéra Comique

Hänsel Micha Calvez Richer, Marthe Leon,

Gretel Rachel Masclet, Suzanne Debureaux

La sorcière Ludmilla Bouakkaz

La mère Justine Chauzy

Le père Karl Gedor

Le bonhomme rosée Léontine Maurel-Paurd

Le marchand de sable Yuna Nicolino, Kanoumah Dembele

Le chœur

Les jeunes filles en blanc Adèle Petit, Maxence Hermann, Janelle Weisselberg, Camille Metzger, Linda Marandin-Palumbo

Les enfants errants Mona Lebas, Suzanne Deliau, Bianca Molla- -Combot, Elisabeth Vidart, Malia Marien, Léandre Audebert, Tristan Laliberte

Les enfants fantômes Malvina Missio, Pénélope Villain, Airelle Groleau, Alice Keever, Madeleine Rouge, Mélina Minguez-Guili, Iris Battiston Latour, Sara Mouhoubi, Lili Gaudelette, Elsa Basle, Leena Zinsou-Bode Smith, Elise Clifford, Salomé Basle, Yaniv Douieb, Sophia Louise Stratmann, Andrea Campos

Les solistes (dans le chœur) Pénélope Villain, Madeleine Rouge, Salomé Basle, Malia Marien, Airelle Groleau, Suzanne Deliau, Camille Metzger

Durée estimée

1 hour

Doors open Spectacle de la Maîtrise60 min End of the event

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