The Opéra Comique during the great war (1914-1918)

Operatic economy


Salle Bizet

5 March 2018


5 March 2018 10.00 am

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Free admission upon reservation

Since 2008 the symposia of the Opéra Comique have surveyed opera from various perspectives by associating several research partners. The Opéra Comique is at the center of these transdisciplinary and international working sessions. From 2018 onward, there will be two lines of research: one on the operatic company, disbanded in 1971, the other on the institution’s operatic economy, which has combined its own resources and public funding since 1762.

International symposium: “Les institutions musicales pendant la Grande Guerre (1914-1918)” in collaboration with the CNSMDP on 5 and 6 March 2018.

How did the mobilization, the war effort and the changes in society impact Paris’s operatic economy, the artists’ lives, the institutions’ programing and the public’s behavior between 1914 and 1918? This symposium, illustrated with a concert-reading will begin at the Opéra Comique for a day dedicated to dramatic institutions. It will continue at the CNSMDP with a day dedicated to musical teaching institutions.

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Linked to the concert on 5 March at 6.30 pm

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