Zémire et Azor

Zémire et Azor

André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry

OPÉRA-COMIQUE by André Ernest Modeste Grétry. Libretto by Jean-François Marmontel
Premiered in Fontainebleau on 9 November 1771

Direction artistique, Jean-François Novelli et Arnaud Marzorati
Mise en scène, Alexandra Rübner

Avec Camille Poul, David Ghilardi, Eléonore Lemaire, Alice Glaie, Jean-François Novelli, Arnaud Marzorati, Alexandra Rübner, Héloïse Labrande Judith le Blanc

Ensemble « Lunaisiens »


Zémire and Azor are the names of the Beauty and the Beast in the fairy tale set by Marmontel and Grétry in an Orient of dreams so as to unfold the possibilities of this drama of enchantment. A palace of wonders, a flying carpet, a magical mirror, a perfumed rose garden do not divert him from the central quest on Enlightenment stages, especially at the Opéra-Comique: authenticity of expression. Childhood myths being summoned up to revitalize positive mindset, dream can support meaning.


Artistic direction, Jean-François Novelli et Arnaud Marzorati
Stage direction, Alexandra Rübner
Scenery, costumes and props, Héloïse Labrande
Lighting, Nathalie Perrier

Zémire, Camille Poul
Azor, David Ghilardi
Lisbé , Eléonore Lemaire
Fatmé, Alice Glaie
Ali, Jean-François Novelli
Sander, Arnaud Marzorati
Les Cariatides, Alexandra Rübner, Héloïse Labrande Judith le Blanc

Ensemble « Lunaisiens »

Production, Fondation Royaumont
Co-production, Académie Bach d’Arques la Bataille, ARCADI Aide à la diffusion / ARCADI



Salle Favart


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