Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda

Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda

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The struggle between Béatrice and Bénédict offers Shakespeare’s contemporaries a cheerful version of the fight between Tancrède and Clorinde unto death, written by Le Tasse and set to music by Monteverdi. The irreconcilable lovers are torn apart just as the Baroque individual is. But the 17th century also produced the antidote for its tragic conscience by means of farcical interludes. The first of its genre, La Fiera di Farfa calls to mind one of those fairs in which dramatic parody emerged. In it, the Combattimento rings unexpectedly!


Le Poème Harmonique
Vincent Dumestre

With Claire Lefilliâtre, Isabelle Druet, Bruno Le Levreur, Jean-François Lombard, Serge Goubioud, Jan Van Elsacker, Hugues Primard, Olivier Martin Salvan, Marc Mauillon, Benoît Arnould


Le Poème Harmonique
Direction, Vincent Dumestre

Soprano, Claire Lefilliâtre
Mezzo-soprano, Isabelle Druet
Alto, Bruno Le Levreur
Alto, Jean-François Lombard
Ténor, Serge Goubioud
Ténor, Jan Van Elsacker
Ténor, Hugues Primard
Ténor, Olivier Martin Salvan
Baryton, Marc Mauillon
Basse, Benoît Arnould

Violon, Lorenzo Colitto
Violon, Lisa Ferguson
Viole de gambe, Isabelle Saint Yves
Lirone, Lucas Peres
Violone, Françoise Enock
Basse de violon, Emmanuel Jacques
Archiluth et guitare, Massimo Moscardo
Clavecin, Frédéric Rivoal
Théorbe, Vincent Dumestre

Conseillère linguistique en italien, Eleonora Pacetti



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