Laïka, le chien de l'espace

Opera for young audiences by Russell Hepplewhite

Salle Favart

from 25
to 27 April 2020


+33 (0)1 70 23 01 31 / Duration: 1h

Ages 6 and up


25€ / 12€ (under 18), 6€ school groups


Covid19 : somes shows are cancelled or postponed.

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6 years and older

Laïka was the first living creature to go into space. The Soviet space programme had chosen this three years old stray dog, found wandering the streets of Moscow, to embark on board the Spoutnik 2 on 3rd November 1957 in Baïkonour. Laïka survived the take-off and orbiting phases, but died within a few hours. The event rallied animal rights activists around the globe.
This opera for young audiences, created in 2013 in London is on a European tour. Science, music, animated films, archive images and interactive contents commingle in this educational and dreamlike show.

Libretto by Tim Yealland translated into French by Julien Chavaz

Musical direction Stéphanie Gurga
Stage direction Anne Schwaller
Stage assistant Emmanuelle Ricci
Scenography Valère Girardin
Costumes Cécile Revaz
Video Les Frères Guillaume
Lights Eloi Gianini

Yelana Lorène Paternò
Valentina Marie Cubaynes
Mikhail Alfred Bironien
Korolev Vincent Casagrande
Actor-puppeteer Yves Adam

Ensemble Instrumental
Basson Michele Danzi
Clarinette Valentina Rebaudo
Violoncelle Anna Minten
Percussion Annick Richard

Coproduction - Nouvel Opéra Fribourg, Compagnie Pièces Jointes, Équilibre–Nuithonie

Public representations: Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th April 3pm
Schools representations: Monday 27th April 10am

Estimated duration: 1h

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