La Dame blanche

François-Adrien Boieldieu


Salle Favart

from 20 February
to 1 March 2020


20 February 2020 8.00 pm

22 February 2020 8.00 pm

24 February 2020 8.00 pm

26 February 2020 8.00 pm

28 February 2020 8.00 pm

1 March 2020 3.00 pm

All dates


+33 (0)1 70 23 01 31 / Duration : 2h30

All audiences


145, 125, 100, 75, 50, 35, 15, 6 €



1759, a Scottish village, far from the continental wars, an escheated castle, haunted by a ghost, loyal but gullible farmers, a brave orphan, an amnesic but chivalrous soldier, a greedy housekeeper, a corrupt judge: here are the characters of a plot where amazing outbreaks and dramatic turns of events take turns.

Boieldieu enticed Rossini with his 26th comic opera: “You have performed a remarkable feat, that of remaining true, witty, lively and dramatic”, Weber: “No-one’s written an opera of such value since the Marriage of Figaro” and Wagner: “The finest of French culture is conveyed in this opera”. La Dame Blanche was the first show of the Opéra Comique to reach 1000 performances and it still enjoys a long-term worldwide success. Hergé even drew his inspiration from this opera when conceiving the end of Red Rackam’s Treasure.

To revive this model of its kind, these exhilarating work of art and glimmering score, Julien Leroy and Pauline Bureau take the lead of a pleiad of performers conducted by Philippe Talbot, 2017s Comte Ory. To them, comedy and virtuoso chant are the fruits of pleasure.

Comic opera in three acts, on a libretto by Eugène Scribe Inspired by Walter Scott. Created at the Opéra Comique in 1825.

Performing in French, With French and English surtitles.

Estimated duration : 2h30

Musical direction Julien Leroy
Stage direction Pauline Bureau

Avec Philippe Talbot, Elsa Benoit, Sophie Marin-Degor, Jérôme Boutillier, Aude Extrémo, Yann Beuron, Yoann Dubruque

Choir Les éléments
Orchestre National d’Île-de-France

Before the show


Musical direction Julien Leroy

Stage direction Pauline Bureau

Decor Emmanuelle Roy

Costumes Alice Touvet

Lights Jean-Luc Chanonat

Video Nathalie Cabrol

Magician Benoît Dattez

Dramaturgy Benoîte Bureau

Musical assistant Emmanuelle Bizien

Stage artistic collaboration Valérie Nègre

Vocal coach Christophe Manien

Georges Brown Philippe Talbot

Anna Elsa Benoit

Jenny Sophie Marin-Degor

Gaveston Jérôme Boutillier

Marguerite Aude Extrémo

Dickson Yann Beuron

Mac-Irton Yoann Dubruque

Peasant Matthieu Heim

Gabriel Jérémie Delvert*

Peasant Matthieu Heim*

Men of law Stephan Olry*, Vincent Billier*, Jean-Baptiste Henriat*

Actors Lionel Codino, Alban Guyon

Choir Les éléments

Orchestra Orchestre National d’Île-de-France

Production Opéra Comique

Coproduction Opéra de Limoges, Opéra de Nice

* members of the choir les éléments

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