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12 December 2019 Pour les enfants 8.00 pm

14 December 2019 Pour les enfants 8.00 pm

16 December 2019 Pour les enfants 8.00 pm

18 December 2019 audiodescription Pour les enfants 8.00 pm

20 December 2019 Pour les enfants 8.00 pm

22 December 2019 audiodescription Pour les enfants 3.00 pm

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+33 (0)1 70 23 01 31 // Age 10 and up

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€ 138, 122, 97, 75, 50, 34, 16, 6

Comédie lyrique in four acts to a libretto by Gaston Arman de Caillavet and Robert de Flers based on Le Chandelier by Alfred de Musset
Premiered at the Opéra Comique in 1907

The wife of an old notary yields to the advances of a dashing soldier. To divert the husband’s attention, they manipulate a young clerk, Fortunio. But Fortunio loves the lady of a passionate love.

Who knows what love is? Alfred de Musset constantly brought into play all the ways to live it, burn from it or assuage it, inspiring so many composers. His Le Chandelier had already appealed to Offenbach, as well as his Fantasio, because of its combination of humor and sincerity. During the Belle Époque, Messager was also drawn to this piece with the freedom he enjoyed through his reputation as a conductor. The freedom to produce a comic art form whose lightness is in harmony with its profundity.

In 1907 the premiere of Fortunio at the Opéra Comique was acclaimed by operetta aficionados and opera lovers alike. In 2009 this comédie lyrique inspired Denis Podalydès and Louis Langrée to devise a funny, elegant and magnificent production.

The Opéra Comique is glad to schedule it anew and end 2019 with a flourish thanks to outstanding performers for whom singing and acting originate in the same passion.

Music direction, Louis Langrée
Staging - Denis Podalydès

With Cyrille Dubois, Anne-Catherine Gillet, Franck Leguérinel, Jean-Sébastien Bou, Philippe-Nicolas Martin, Thomas Dear, Aliénor Feix, Luc Bertin-Hugault

Choir, les éléments
Orchestre des Champs-Élysées


Music direction Louis Langrée

Staging Denis Podalydès, Sociétaire de la Comédie-Française

Scenery Éric Ruf

Costumes Christian Lacroix

Lights Stéphanie Daniel

Musical assistant Julien Masmondet

Stage artistic collaborators Laurent Delvert and Laurent Podalydès

Scenery assistant Dominique Schmitt

Costumes assistant Jean-Philippe Pons

Vocal coach Marine Thoreau La Salle

Choir direction Joël Suhubiette

Fortunio Cyrille Dubois

Jacqueline Anne-Catherine Gillet

Maître André Franck Leguérinel

Clavaroche Jean-Sébastien Bou

Landry Philippe-Nicolas Martin

Lieutenant d’Azincourt Pierre Derhet

Lieutenant de Verbois Thomas Dear

Madelon Aliénor Feix

Maître Subtil Luc Bertin-Hugault

Guillaume Geoffroy Buffière

Gertrude Sarah Jouffroy

Actor Laurent Podalydès

Children Maîtrise Populaire de l’Opéra Comique : Malcolm Namgyal, Suzanne Laurens (12, 14 and 22 December 2019), Madeleine Dumas-Primbault, Solal Dages-des-Houx (16, 18 and 20 December 2019)

Choir Choeur les éléments

Orchestra Orchestre des Champs-Élysées

Production Opéra Comique (Revival of the 2009 production)

Coproduction Opéra national de Lorraine

Before the show

Meet the artists, Monday 25 November at 7 pm
Presentation of the production 45 minutes prior to the performance :

- Keys to the production, salle Bizet
- Sing Fortunio, Foyer Favart

Running time

2 hours and 15 minutes (intermission included)

Doors open Opéra135 min End of the event

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Extracts from Fortunio

12 December 2019

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Meeting the artists

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