Le Timbre d’argent

Camille Saint-Saëns


Salle Favart

from 9
to 19 June 2017


9 June 2017 8.00 pm

11 June 2017 3.00 pm

13 June 2017 8.00 pm

15 June 2017 8.00 pm

17 June 2017 8.00 pm

19 June 2017 8.00 pm

All dates


0 825 01 01 23 (0,15 €/min) // Subscriptions: from 17 Sept. / Single tickets: from 26 Oct. 2016.

Production recorded

by France Musique


€135, 125, 97, 75, 50, 30, 16, 6

11 June 2017

Sex, money and other stories

Le Timbre d’argent is a mosaic music that draws on influences from the four corners of Romantic Europe. It’s a world of fantasy in which hell comes in many variations. It’s the devil who behaves like a popular singer so as to better charm and make...

09 June 2017

Extracts from Le Timbre d'argent

Discover the extracts from Le Timbre d'argent. This show runs from 9 to 19 June at the Opéra Comique Read more and book Music direction François-Xavier Roth Staging Guillaume Vincent With Raphaëlle Delaunay, Hélène Guilmette, Jodie Devos , Tassis Christoyannis, Edgaras Montvidas, Yu Shao Choir accentus  Orchestra Les Siècles  

08 June 2017

If it’s a dream

Magic and illusion are the key words in this production of Le Timbre d’argent by Camille Saint-Saëns. Under twirling mirror balls and amid luxurious draperies, dream unfolds, not reality. Fiammetta opens ever more spellbinding – almost shamanic ...

06 June 2017

Zoom in on Guillaume Vincent / Le Timbre d’argent

Guillaume Vincent: “In Le Timbre d’argent there’s something very close to Dream story by Arthur Schnitzler that Stanley Kubrick adapted for Eyes Wide Shut.” Between two rehearsing sessions for Le Timbre d’argent, director Guillaume Vincent speaks of his discovering and his vision of the libretto by Saint-Saëns, a spectacular libretto in which dream and reality intermingle. Le Timbre d’argent from 9 through 19 June 2017, salle Favart Read more and book now  

31 May 2017

Zoom sur François-Xavier Roth / Le Timbre d'argent

“One can’t see why Les Contes d’Hoffmann have remained but not Le Timbre d’argent.” François-Xavier Roth, music director of Le Timbre d’argent, unveils the particularities of this opera, which is inexplicably unrecognized today, and the musical and dramaturgic intentions of its young composer, Camille Saint-Saëns. Le Timbre d’argent from 9 through 19 June 2017, Salle Favart Further information Book now   Music direction François-Xavier Roth Staging Guillaume Vincent   With Raphaëlle Delaunay, Edgaras Montvidas, Hélène Guilmette, Tassis Christoyannis, Yu Shao, Jodie Devos   Choir accentus  Orchestra Les Siècles    

Chargement en cours

A fabulous score by Camille Saint-Saëns to a strange and disturbing plot. François-Xavier Roth and Guillaume Vincent makes us rediscover the unknown masterpiece of one of the greatest composers of his time.

Drame lyrique in four acts to a libretto by Jules Barbier and Michel Carré premiered in 1877 at the Théâtre National Lyrique in Paris.

Consumed by poverty and obscurity, the painter Conrad yields to delirious fever on a Christmas night. Does he then fall prey to the devil or a nightmare? The fact remains that the magical silver bell he receives from a nefarious physician leads him to confuse art with reality, and drives him to terrible transgressions. 
This drama devised by the librettists to Faust and Les Contes d’Hoffmann allowed the composer of Danse macabre to write his own version of the Faustian pact, a true opéra fantastique with all sorts of metamorphoses and a ballerina in the female leading role. But the work was cursed because of war, the instability of theaters and unsatisfactory revivals. Le Timbre d’argent sank into oblivion despite the fact that Bizet and Massenet admired it.
Of the thirteen operas composed by Saint-Saëns, the only one to be still performed is Samson et Dalila. François-Xavier Roth and Guillaume Vincent invite us to rediscover an unknown masterpiece by giving life to the uncanny of Le Timbre d’argent wherein reality, magic and drama merge together.

Music direction, François-Xavier Roth
Staging, Guillaume Vincent

With Raphaëlle Delaunay, Hélène Guilmette, Jodie Devos , Tassis Christoyannis, Edgaras Montvidas, Yu Shao

Choir accentus 
Orchestra Les Siècles

Music direction François-Xavier Roth

Staging Guillaume Vincent

Scenery James Brandily

Vidéo creation Baptiste Klein

Costumes Fanny Brouste

Lights Kelig Le Bars

Collaboration to movements Herman Diephuis

Magicien Benoît Dattez

Music direction assistant Jordan Gudefin

Staging assistant Céline Gaudier

Scenery assistant Pierre-Guilhem Coste

Costume assistant Peggy Sturm

Vocal coach Mathieu Pordoy

Choir master Christophe Grapperon

Circé/ Fiammetta, ballerina Raphaëlle Delaunay

Conrad Edgaras Montvidas

Hélène Hélène Guilmette

Spiridion Tassis Christoyannis

Bénédict Yu Shao

Rosa Jodie Devos

Patrick Jean-Yves Ravoux*

Frantz, un mendiant Matthieu Chapuis*

Dancers Aina Alegre, Marvin Clech, Romual Kabore, Nina Santes

Choir accentus

Orchestra Les Siècles

Production Opéra Comique

Co-production Palazzetto Bru Zane – Centre de musique romantique française

* Members of the choir accentus


On a Christmas night, Conrad, an obscure Viennese painter, rebels against misery. Unlucky in love and society, he can’t take it any longer. During a deep crisis of despair, his physician appears to him in the guise of a devil. The latter offers him a magical object, his silver bell, each ringing of which will make him rich in abundance, while causing the death of an innocent. Upon waking, bewitched Conrad strikes the bell: gold flows but a dead already collapsed on his doorstep.

Before the show

  • Before the show, come in salle Bizet ! The entrance is free of charge, on the day of the performance

Sing the opéra at 7.15 pm with Christophe Grapperon
Presentation of the production at 7.30pm with historical and musical descriptions (in french) with Agnès Terrier

Running time

3 hours, including intermission

Doors open Drame lyrique in 4 acts 180 min End of the event

Dans le cadre du Festival Palazzetto Bru Zane, Paris

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