Marin Marais


Salle Favart

from 26 April
to 7 May 2017


26 April 2017 8.00 pm

28 April 2017 8.00 pm

30 April 2017 3.00 pm

2 May 2017 8.00 pm

4 May 2017 8.00 pm

6 May 2017 8.00 pm

All dates


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Production recorded

broadcast by Mezzo Live HD and Culturebox in direct on 6 May & by France Musique on 21 May


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28 April 2017

The lycée Diderot inspired by Alcione

Music is usually not included in the curriculum of French lycées. The purpose of the project developed with the Opéra Comique is to introduce baroque music to an eleventh grade class at the lycée Diderot in Paris, which is based on the sciences...

28 April 2017

27 April 2017

Extracts from Alcione

Marin Marais's masterpiece Alcione was performed for the reopening of the Opéra Comique and for the first time in Paris since 1771. View some extracts from the production and attend Alcione from April 26th through May 7th at Salle Favart.   Musical direction Jordi Savall Staging Louise Moaty Choreography Raphaëlle Boitel    With Lea Desandre, Cyril Auvity, Marc Mauillon, Lisandro Abadie, Antonio Abete, Hasnaa Bennani, Hanna Bayodi-Hirt Choir and orchestra Le Concert des Nations  Further information  

25 March 2017

The Alcione troupe is born

In Montreuil the stage rehearsals are at their height. Music gave way to staging. The music stands and the scores have vanished. This week the singers become actors working on acting, experimenting on exchanges, testing situations or tuning up....

16 March 2017

Chargement en cours

The show was recorded and broadcasted by Mezzo Live HD and Culturebox in direct on 6 May & by France Musique on 21 May.

You can see the opera online during 6 months. Dont' miss it !


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Jordi Savall, who made quite an impression with his soundtrack of the film Tous les matins du monde, conducts his first opera. Louis Moaty and Raphaëlle Boitel summon the circus arts to stage the poetry of this story of thwarted love.

Tragédie lyrique in five acts to a libretto by Antoine Houdar de La Motte premiered at the Académie royale de musique in 1706.

Men believe they are toys of the gods yet they are mainly the victims of earthly passions like jealousy and lust. Ceyx, the peaceful king of Trachis, sparks off a fatal process when he decides to marry Alcione, the daughter of the god of the winds. The destruction of the palace, the appearance of Hell, a storm, a shipwreck: the two lovers will be spared nothing by the occult powers. 
The subject was conducive to scenic enchantments but Marais utilized it to give the orchestra a new evocative power. From Vivaldi to Rameau and Mozart, the eighteenth century unfolded the descriptive power of music from him. However, the work was no longer performed in Paris as soon as 1771! 
As the great promoter of the viol, the Baroque instrument par excellence, and of Marin Marais, whom he helped to publicize through the soundtrack of the film Tous les matins du monde, Jordi Savall reveals the poetic power of Alcione. Together with Raphaëlle Boitel, Louise Moaty displays its magic through a dialogue between theatrical machinery, the rigging of ships and the circus arts.

Music direction, Jordi Savall
Staging, Louise Moaty
Choreography, Raphaëlle Boitel

With Lea Desandre, Cyril Auvity, Marc Mauillon, Lisandro Abadie, Antonio Abete, Hasnaa Bennani, Hanna Bayodi-Hirt

Choir and orchestra, Le Concert des Nations


Alcione, the daughter of Aeolus, king of the winds, seems to be very happy. She is to marry Ceix, king of Trachis, who loves her. But three people are against their happiness: Peleus, Ceix’s best friend, who’s in love with Alcione, the wizard Phorbas, who feels deprived of his right to the throne once occupied by his ancestors, and the magician Ismena. They all decide to hinder the wedding of the two lovers.


In detail


Assembled on a mountain, the Rivers and the Naiads attend the musical tournament between Apollo and Pan. As the god of Nature and protector of shepherds, Pan honors war while Apollo, the god of the Arts, praises peace under the gaze of enthusiastic shepherds. Apollo decides to tell them the story of the Halcyons, the guarantors for maritime peace.

Act I

King Ceyx is to marry Alcyone, daughter to Aeolus who reigns over the winds. But three protagonists are against their happiness. They are Peleus, Ceyx's best friend in love with Alcyone, Phorbas who considers himself wronged from the throne once occupied by his ancestors, and Ismena the magician. As the High Priest is to unite them, the Furies wreck the palace.

Acts II and III
In despair, Ceyx confides in Ismena and Phorbas. Phorbas claims he can predict Ceyx's future and tells him he must consult Apollo on the island of Claros so as not to lose Alcyone. In the port, ready to embark, Ceyx entrusts Alcyone in tears to his friend Peleus, troubled by his conscience.

Acts IV and V

Finding shelter in the temple to Juno, Alcyone falls asleep. In a nightmare, she sees Ceyx being swept along by a violent storm. Peleus is devastated by Alcyone's grief and confesses his fault to her. While Phosphorus, Ceyx's father, announces the return of his son, Peleus chooses to kill himself. But on discovering Ceyx's corpse, Alcyone takes her own life. Moved by so much love, Neptune decides to bring them back to life and entrust them and their children the Halcyons with the power to calm tempests.



Music direction Jordi Savall

Staging Louise Moaty

Choreography Raphaëlle Boitel

Scenography Tristan Baudoin, Louise Moaty

Costumes Alain Blanchot

Lights Arnaud Lavisse

Circus manager Nicolas Lourdelle

Staging assistant Florence Beillacou

Choreography assistant Maud Payen

Scenography assistant Marie Hervé

Vocal coach Florian Carré

Choreography collaborator Gudrun Skamletz, Caroline Ducrest

Choir master Lluis Vilamajo

Alcione Lea Desandre

Ceix Cyril Auvity

Pelée Marc Mauillon

Pan, Phorbas Lisandro Abadie

Tmole, Grand-Prêtre /Neptune Antonio Abete

Ismène, 1ère Matelote Hasnaa Bennani

Bergère, 2ème Matelote, Prêtresse Hanna Bayodi-Hirt

Apollon/Le Sommeil Sebastian Monti

Doris, confidente d’Alcione Maud Gnidzaz

Céphise, confidente d’Alcione Lise Viricel

Aeglé Maria Chiara Gallo

Un Matelot Yannis François

Phosphore, père de Ceix Gabriel Jublin

Suivant de Ceix Benoit-Joseph Meier

Dancers and circus et circassians Pauline Journe, Tarek Aitmeddour, Alba Faivre, Cyril Combes, Emily Zuckerman, Valentin Bellot, Mikael Fau, Maud Payen

Choir and orchestra Le Concert des Nations

Production Opéra Comique

Co-production Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona

Associate co-production Château de Versailles Spectacles, Théâtre de Caen

Associate partner La Brèche – Pôle National des Arts du Cirque de Normandie / Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

Score editing by Jordi Savall

A special thanks to les Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes et Europe Créative

Before the show

  • Before the show

- Presentation of the production 45 minutes before curtain up, avant-foyer. Free of charge, on the day of the performance

- Sing Alcione 45 minutes before curtain up, salle Bizet. Free of charge, on the day of the performance.
With Christophe Grapperon on the 26 April, 2 and 4 May
Jeanne Dambreville on the 28 et 31 April
Geneviève Boulestreau on the 6 and 7 May

  • After the show

Meet the artists of the production on Saturday 6 May at 6 pm. Free admission upon reservation >


Running time

3 hours, including intermission

Doors open Tragédie lyrique in 5 acts 180 min End of the event

Captation et partenariat média

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A Lesson with Christophe Grapperon

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