The Mystery of the Blue Squirrel - An investigation at the Opéra Comique

The Mystery of the Blue Squirrel - An investigation at the Opéra Comique

A webopéra from the age of 8

This production in 7 tableaux from the combined imagination of composer Marc-Olivier Dupin and librettist and director Ivan Grinberg will be designed and filmed for the Web with the help of François Roussillon et Associés and broadcast live by Arte Concert.


This creation, a veritable operatic thriller, will compile veiled references to the Opéra Comique and allusions to the trades and places of the theater. There will be investigations and thrills but in a zany vein accessible to children aged 8 and up.

Broadcast live on Sunday 21 February at 6 pm on the Web with the family.




Do you know the story of the Webopera?    

A grand gala is preparing at the Opéra Comique but a succession of events leads to chaos: a squirrel is murdered, a vocalist is attacked by a piece of scenery, flammable substances disappear… Who is responsible for this jumble? Saint Germain, the director, is panicking. He wants to do everything to save his gala. Everything?

To discover it, go onto our Website on Sunday 21 February at 6 pm.


Musical director and composer, Marc-Olivier Dupin
Staging, Ivan Grinberg

Scenery, Aurélie Maestre 
Costumes, Alain Blanchot
Lights, Majid Hakimi
Choreographer, Caroline Marcadé

Adèle, Sandrine Buendia
Margot, Armelle Khourdoian
Léon, Jean-Jacques Lanthoën 
Bebe, Safir Behloul
Zineb, Marion Tassou
Saint-Germain, Ronan Debois
Pel&Mel, Stuart Seide

Orchestre Les Frivolités Parisiennes
Thibaut Maudry
Violon, Hélène Barre Alto, Jeremy Genet Cello, Sylvain Courteix Contrebasse, Charlotte Bletton Flute, Damien Fourchy Hautbois, François Tissot Clarinette, Cédric Müller Cor 2, Alexis Crouzil Cor 1, Adrien Ramon Trompette, Marc Abry Trombone, Pierre Michel Timballes, Alexandre Esperet Percussions, Pierre Cussac Accordeon, Chloé Ducray Harpe, Tancrede Cymerman Tuba, Benjamin El Arbi Basson, Mathieu Franot Clarinette Basse
Chef de chant, Nathalie Dang
Le pianiste, Thomas Palmer

Production Opéra Comique
Captation François Roussillon et Associés
Avec le concours du Théâtre Impérial de Compiègne

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Ils s'associent avec l'Opéra Comique et Arte Concert pour diffuser le web-opéra



Educational contents will later enrich the seven tableaux that will be disseminated in schools. These episodes, which will help initiate children from 8 to 11 to the delights of opera comique, will be devised by UPIAN, and SODEXO will be responsible for the production and marketing.

The Webopera


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Investigate with your children and register here to collect the records for each character of the entertainment.
On Sunday 21 February at 6 pm turn on your computer and discover the answers to the following two questions:
1.    Who is the murderer of the blue squirrel?
2.    What will be the precise time of the murder (between 6 pm and 7 pm)?
Send us your answers to on Sunday 21 February before midnight and win a surprise gift!

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Collect the records for each character from 9 to 20 February
Rendezvous on Sunday 21 February at 6 pm online and discover the Webopera broadcast live with your family!
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