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Preview of Fosse

24 December 2019 | Following ‘Pleine Nuit’, which was conceived in 2016 during the Salle Favart...

Extracts from Fortunio

12 December 2019

Watch the extracts from Fortunio and come see the show at the Opéra Comique until December 22....

Book your 2020 shows

10 October 2019

Discover our 2020 artistic season ! Book .

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Extracts from Miranda

26 September 2017

Discover the extracts from Miranda. This show runs from 25 September to 5 October at the Opéra...

Discover the 2018 season

18 September 2017

The season 2018 is online ! Discover all the shows  

The 2018 season in less than 2 minutes!

15 September 2017

You don't know what the new season at the Opéra Comique looks like! View the 2018 season in les...

Preview of Miranda

15 September 2017

Katie Mitchell and Raphaël Pichon meet at the Opéra Comique for Miranda, an operatic creation o...

5 things to know about Miranda

13 September 2017

Who is Miranda? Where does she come from? Here are some clues to grasp the operatic creation...

Zoom in on Raphaël Pichon / Miranda

11 September 2017

“I wanted to do justice to those Purcell’s masterpieces that don’t appear onstage today”...

Miranda, a music being written

08 September 2017

Attending the rehearsals of Miranda is to realize that the music to this operatic creation is not...

Comique Strip' #7 with Allan Clayton

08 September 2017

Allan Clayton is a member of the Nouvelle Troupe Favart and will appear as Ferdinand in Miranda...
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Launching the 2018 season and starting subscriptions

08 September 2017

For the European Heritage Day on Sunday 17 September, the Opéra Comique opens its doors and is...