The team of Fantasio at the Centquatre art center

04 January 2017

L'équipe de Fantasio en répétition au centquatre

This morning the whole team of Fantasio was at the Studio 4 of the Centquatre art center for nearly three weeks of rehearsals before settling at the Théâtre du Châtelet. The space is vast, making it possible to install some stage sets in order to draw the “lures” usually used – the marks on the floor that help artists to move in the space assigned to them onstage.

After seeking the views of those present, Thomas Jolly and Alexandre Dain informed the actors of the week schedule (rehearsals in small groups according to the scenes, readings in the morning, singing and stage direction in the afternoon), followed by sessions of costume and wig fittings.

Then, they were all invited to tell the stage director of possible hidden talents so as to use them in the production performances, leading to an amazing moment that led to the unveiling of a kung fu teacher, two tap dancers, an accordionist, one or two imitators, a violinist, a stuntman and quasi juggler, two fencers and two ukulele players!

At last, work could begin for good. In the morning: session “at the table” was devoted to the raw and unabridged reading of the piece – spoken and sung texts. In the afternoon: first rehearsals with La ronde des fous and the scene of the garden “on stage”.

To be continued

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