Photos of Fosse at the Centre Pompidou © Stefan Brion - Opéra Comique

14 February 2020

Following ‘Pleine Nuit’, which was conceived in 2016 during the Salle Favart’s renovation, the Opéra Comique is delighted to welcome back Christian Boltanski, Jean Kalman and Franck Krawczyk with this new performance which will be presented at the Centre Pompidou from 3rd November 2019 to 16th March 2020 as part of the retrospective exhibition dedicated to Christian Boltanski. The performance will take place level-1 at the Berger carpark, right below the Centre Pompidou.

Created for a soprano, a principal cello, a choir, 12 cellos, 6 pianos, drums and electric guitares.

Duration: 50 min



Conception Christian Boltanski, Jean Kalman, Franck Krawczyk
Soprano Karen Vourc’h
Principal Cello Sonia Wieder-Atherton
Choir Accentus

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