Musical education – The courses of the Maîtrise populaire de l'Opéra Comique

14 November 2016

The musical education classes, based on the Dalcroze method, are conducted by Anne-Laure Kémol.

This approach emphasizes sensory apprehension of musical concepts that leads to the development of the pupils' auditory and rhythmic abilities. The perception of rhythmic concepts is achieved through games, improvisation and exercises that combine reactivity and coordination, giving pupils a more concrete approach of concepts, and therefore easier learning.
The natural pulses felt when walking, clapping one's hands or tapping one's body enable pupils to work on the sense of rhythm. The perception of melodic movements should be based on spatial and bodily experimentation before being intellectualized as theoretical concepts.
Motility and bodily ease are thus performed alongside the theoretical concepts for the development of hearing. 

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