The duo of Le Domino noir is back!

08 October 2019

Raphaël Pichon Valérie Lesort : Ercole Amante Opéra - © Stéfan Brion (Opéra Comique)

Not content with the success of their previous staging at the Opéra Comique (Le Domino noir in 2018), Valérie Lesort and Christian Hecq are back at Salle Favart with Ercole Amante. Along with Raphaël Pichon, they tackle Francesco Cavalli’s Baroque opera initially devised to celebrate the wedding of Louis XIV and the Infant of Spain. This production replete with cosmic apparitions required the help of Laurent Peduzzi (scenery) and Vanessa Sannino (costumes and machinery) to transfigure all the richness of the myth of Hercules onstage. And to sublimate Cavalli’s arias, there was nothing better than the consummate skill of Raphaël Pichon, who is familiar with the Italian repertoire, and the Ensemble Pygmalion as choir and orchestra.


Before attending the production, take a look at the first photos of the rehearsals.


Photos © Stefan Brion - Opéra Comique

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