150, 125, 100, 75, 50, 35, 15, 6€


Georges Bizet

April 24 to May 04, 2023

150, 125, 100, 75, 50, 35, 15, 6€

The most performed opera in the world returns to the stage where it came to life in an atmosphere of scandal. Andreas Homoki leads this visionary masterpiece together with Gaëlle Arquez in the title role and the Champs-Elysées Orchestra, headed by Louis Langrée.

Among Seville’s cigar makers, the gypsy Carmen is the most attractive and whimsical woman around. Arrested for the assault of a friend, she enthrals the brigadier Don José who lets her escape. For her, he gives up his rank, deserts the army and embraces the adventurous life of smugglers.

Carmen is the French opera that is most performed around the globe and the most frequently played at the Opéra Comique. Nevertheless, this work of art first chocked the public with its visionary naturalism and independent heroine, whose Spanish tone, magnificently recreated by Bizet between Paris and Bougival, didn’t make appear any gentler. After Bizet’s sudden death, Carmen won the hearts of Vienna, Brussels, Saint-Petersburg, New York… and only triumphed in Paris in 1883.

Comic opera in four acts, on a libretto by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy and based on a short story by Mérimée. Created in 1875 at the Opéra Comique.

Musical direction, Louis Langrée (24, 26, 28, 30 April) | Sora Elisabeth Lee (2, 4 May) • Staging direction, Andreas Homoki • With Gaëlle Arquez, Frédéric Antoun, Elbenita Kajtazi, Jean-Fernand Setti, Norma Nahoun, Aliénor Feix, François Lis, Jean-Christophe Lanièce, Matthieu Walendzik, Paco Garcia, Sylvia Bergé • Choir accentus and la Maîtrise Populaire de l’Opéra Comique • Orchestre des Champs Elysées

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3h (including intermission) - Salle Favart
150, 125, 100, 75, 50, 35, 15, 6€
Performing in French, French and English surtitles

The doors of the opera-house open 45 minutes before the performance.

Audio description (EN)

Some operas are available in audio description. "Image whisperers” are also available on demand.
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People with reduced mobility

16 seats are dedicated to people with reduced mobility, on reservation at the box office or by phone. Access to the lift is located 5 rue Favart
+33 1 70 23 01 44 |

Relax sessions

Relax sessions offer a inclusive caring environment for people whose disability (autism, multiple disabilities, mental or psychic disability, Alzheimer…) may give rise to atypical and unpredictable behaviour during the show.

Aged 10 and older

Around the show

To discover

45 minutes before the performance : The keys to the show with the dramaturge of the Opéra Comique.

Salle Bizet | Free

To sing

45 minutes before the performance : Sing some thunes oh the show with a choir director.

Foyer Favart | Free

To relax

The intermission bar offers drinks and light refreshments as soon as the theatre doors open.


Relax session | Sunday, the 30th april at 3:00 pm
Une représentation inclusive et accueillante pour les personnes dont le handicap peut entraîner des comportements atypiques et imprévisibles pendant la représentation.
Avant chaque opéra Relax, un guide FALC est disponible pour permettre de comprendre le contexte de création de l’opéra et son histoire. Il permet également d’anticiper les points de vigilance pendant la représentation qui pourraient surprendre les spectateurs.
Audio description | Friday, the 28th april at 8:00 pm and Sunday, the 30th april at 3:00 pm
This opera is available in audio description. "Image whisperers” are also available on demand.
Tactile introductions | Friday, the 28th april at 6:45 pm and Sunday, the 30th april at 1:45 pm
Before the performance with audio description: an adapted and tactile presentation dedicated to visually impaired people.
On demand : +33(0)1 70 23 01 44 |


Musical direction
Louis Langrée
(April 24, 26, 28 and 30)
Biographie Elisabeth Sora Lee
Musical direction
Sora Elisabeth Lee
(May 2nd and 4)
Biographie Andreas Homoki © Daniel Auf Der Mauer
Stage direction
Andreas Homoki
Biographie Paul Zoller
Paul Zoller
Biographie Gideon Davey
Gideon Davey
Biographie Franck Evin
Franck Evin
Biographie Elisabeth Sora Lee
Musical assist
Sora Elisabeth Lee
Staging collaboration
Arturo Gama
Costumes assistant
Lena Winkler-Hermaden
Voice Coach
Marine Thoreau La Salle
Biographie Christophe Grapperon © Mario Le Sergent
Christophe Grapperon
Clara Brenier
Maîtrise Populaire
Biographie Gaelle Arquez
Gaëlle Arquez
Photo de Frédéric Antoun
Don José
Frédéric Antoun
Elbenita Kajtazi
Biographie Jean-Fernand Setti
Jean-Fernand Setti
Biographie Norma Nahoum
Norma Nahoun
Biographie Alineor Feix © Victor Matussiere
Aliénor Feix
Biographie François Lis
François Lis
Jean-Christophe Lanièce
Jean-Christophe Lanièce
Biographie Matthieu Walendzik.
Le Dancaïre
Matthieu Walendzik
Biographie Paco Garcia © Florian Bouchier
Le Remendado
Paco Garcia
Don José's mother
Sylvia Bergé
Sociétaire de la Comédie-Française
Hugo Collin, Wadih Cormier, Côme Fanton d’Andon, Yvon-Gérard Lesieur
Biographie accentus
Concert de la Maîtrise Populaire © Quentin Croisard
Maîtrise Populaire de l'Opéra-Comique
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Orchestre des Champs Elysées
Opéra de Zurich

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