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90, 75, 65, 50, 30, 25, 12, 6 €


Francesco Filidei

September 27 to October 03, 2019

90, 75, 65, 50, 30, 25, 12, 6 €

Opera in two acts based on the novel by Yevgeny Zamyatin
Commission from the Opéra Comique with the Ministère de la Culture's writting assistance. 

As they cannot give birth to a child, a woman and her husband decide to adopt an orphan girl. The teenager gets an unexpected place in their home and in their hearts.

In a suburb of Saint Petersburg, the wife and husband hardly speak to each other and silence is becoming heavy. The world imagined by the wife to overcome the sadness of her emotional life will go wrong while in this end of winter the water of the river is rising.

At the invitation of the Opéra Comique, Joël Pommerat wrote an original opera libretto for the first time and chose a subject from a novel by Yevgeny Zamyatin published in 1929. The “stage writer” had to share the development of the speech and timing of the production with composer Francesco Filidei (this being the latter’s second opera). Their close collaboration, this composition for the stage, together with the instrumentalists and vocalists, gave birth to a new eloquence expressing the density of an inner life.

The score of sounds, images and silence is staged by Joël Pommerat and performed by intense and haunted vocalists/actors conducted by Emilio Pomarico.

The production is in French

Music direction, Emilio Pomárico • Staging, Joël Pommerat • With Chloé Briot, Boris Grappe, Norma Nahoun, Cypriane Gardin, Enguerrand de Hys, Yael Raanan-Vandor, Guilhem Terrail, Vincent Le Texier, des enfants de la Maîtrise Populaire de l’Opéra Comique • Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France

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2h (sans entracte) - Salle Favart
90, 75, 65, 50, 30, 25, 12, 6 €
Spectacle en français, surtitré en français et en anglais 

Certaines scènes de ce spectacle peuvent heurter la sensibilité du public et en particulier des plus jeunes.

People with reduced mobility

16 seats are dedicated to people with reduced mobility, on reservation at the box office or by phone. Access to the lift is located 5 rue Favart
+33 1 70 23 01 44 |

Aged 10 and older


Biographie Filidei Francisco
Francesco Filidei
Music direction
Emilio Pomarico
Joël Pommerat
Scenery and lights
Eric Soyer
Costumes, make-up, perruques
Isabelle Deffin
Biographie Renaud Rubiano
Renaud Rubiano
Biographie Leonhard Garms
Musical assistant
Leonhard Garms
Artistic collaboration
Philippe Carbonneaux
Biographie Marie Hervé
Decoration assistant
Marie Hervé
Vocal coach
Thomas Palmer
Biographie Chloé Briot
The woman
Chloé Briot
The man
Boris Grappe
Biographie Norma Nahoum
The girl
Norma Nahoun
The girl
Cypriane Gardin
The male neighbor
Enguerrand de Hys
The female neighbor
Yael Raanan-Vandor
The narrator, the police officer
Guilhem Terrail
The doctor
Vincent Le Texier


Maîtrise Populaire de l’Opéra Comique: Elliot Appel, Enzo Bishop (27 september, 1st october), Julius Lombard Lavallée, Esteban Ratel (29 september, 3 october), Arthur Roussel, Mateo Vincent Denoble


Maîtrise Populaire de l’Opéra Comique : Elliot Appel, Enzo Bishop (27 septembre, 1er octobre), Julius Lombard Lavallée, Esteban Ratel (29 septembre, 3 octobre), Arthur Roussel, Mateo Vincent Denoble


Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France

New production : 

Opéra Comique

Co-production : 

Angers Nantes Opéra, Opéra de Rennes, Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Théâtre de Caen, Opéra de Limoges

Before the show

Meet the artists, Saturday 14 September at 6 pm
Presentation of the production 45 minutes prior to the performance :

- Keys to the production, salle Bizet
- Sing L'Inondation, Foyer Favart

With the support of

Fonds de création lyrique


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