Rehearsals of L’Inondation with photos

23 July 2019

L'Inondation, la création de Francesco Filidei et Joël Pommerat, inspirée du texte éponyme d’Evgueni Zamiatine

Summer is already well underway and yet some are keeping on rehearsing. Joël Pommerat, Francesco Filidei and Emilio Pomarico are onstage with Boris Grappe, Chloé Briot, Norma Nahoun, Yael Raanan-Vandor and Enguerrand de Hys, and are bustling about the creation of L’Inondation.

L’Inondation, a delicate and intense work based on a short story by Zamyatin on the disintegration of a family, scheduled in September and October.

From 27 September through 3 October 2019

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Photos of rehearsals © Stefan Brion - Opéra Comique

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