Family tours: Visit the Opéra Comique

October 27, 2022 to April 30, 2022

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Aged 6 and older

Have you ever come to the Opéra Comique theater? Come and discover the public spaces of this architectural jewel and its history! Statues, paintings, sculptures and ornaments reveal secrets...

You are welcome to Salle Favart for a guided tour outside performance hours.

Have you ever wondered what was behind its façade? Do you know the history of this tercentenary opera house?

You are welcome to Salle Favart for a guided tour outside performance hours. From now on, we also organize guided tours dedicated to families.

Practical information

Opening of the gates Place Boieldieu, 15 minutes before the visit.​

You can book :

Good to know

Guided tours include the theater’s public spaces with many stairways. If you are a person with mobility impairments, please contact us while booking.

Prices and booking

  • Full price: €10
  • Price for groups: €8 per person (with a minimum of 10 persons and a maximum of 25)
  • Reduced price (persons under 18): €5
  • Subscribers enjoy a special price of €8 when booking by phone at 01 70 23 00 76 (subscribers line) or by email

Duration: 45 minutes

Doors open, place Boieldieu, 15 minutes before the visit.
Visits to the Opéra Comique are open to 25 people.
The guided tour takes place in the public areas of the theatre, and these have many steps.

Full price (individuals and groups): €10
Reduced price (children under 18 and school groups): €5
Subscriber price: 8€

Aged 8 and older

En attendant de venir nous rendre visite

À chacun sa visite

Découvrez notre théâtre en images, texte et langue des signes.

Voir la vidéo
Suivez le guide en famille

Téléchargez le guide pour les 6-12 ans

Le guide historique

Téléchargez le guide pour avoir toutes les dates clés sur l'Histoire du théâtre


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