Titon et l'Aurore

Jean-Joseph Cassanéa de Mondonville


The show is broadcast online

from 18 January
to 19 April 2021


18 January 2021 8.00 pm

19 January 2021 8.00 pm

24 January 2021 3.00 pm

25 January 2021 8.00 pm

27 January 2021 8.00 pm

19 April 2021 8.00 pm

All dates


+33 1 70 23 01 31 / billetterie@opera-comique.com / Estimated duration : 2h

The show is availabled online on medici.tv in direct on 19 January 2021 at 8pm, and during 3 months

and then on Mezzo
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All audiences

Titon et l’Aurore is a tale and an allegory. Titon, the shepherd, and Aurore, the fugitive, are in love, despite the passage of time and the envy of Gods. Confusion sets is, nymphs and faunas get involved.

Pastoral spirit enabled XVIIIth century music to develop its emotive power while depicting nature in all its forms. Among deities and shepherds, a philosopher ponders on the condition of mankind…

This opéra-ballet came out in January 1753 during the “Quarrel of the Comic Actors” triggered by Italian art supporters. Opera matters were political affairs then: Protected by the Pompadour, Mondonville rallied the French supporters around the refinement of the chants, the expressive range of its orchestra and the variety of its effects. All the more so because Jélyotte and Mlle Fe were Rameau’s favourite performers.

Aurore and her shepherd will open this 2021 season in a feast for the senses. Mondonville proponent, William Christie, comes back to the Opéra Comique with this key music score. Trained in France in puppetry, Basil Twist performs visual prodigies. Statutes, deities and elements come to life to the sound of the Art Florissants.

Musical direction William Christie
Stage direction, decor, costumes, puppetry Basil Twist

With Reinoud Van Mechelen, Gwendoline Blondeel, Emmanuelle de Negri, Marc Mauillon, Julie Roset, Renato Dolcini, Virginie Thomas, Maud Gnidzaz et Juliette Perret

Choir and orchestra Les Arts Florissants

Musical Direction William Christie

Stage direction, decor, costumes, puppetry Basil Twist

Video Daniel Brodie

Lights Jean Kalman

Stage artistic collaboration Constance Larrieu

Costumes assistant Alain Blanchot

Singing coach Benoît Hartoin*

Titon Reinoud Van Mechelen

L’Aurore Gwendoline Blondeel

Palès Emmanuelle de Negri

Éole Marc Mauillon

Amour Julie Roset

Prométhée Renato Dolcini

Nymphes Virginie Thomas*, Maud Gnidzaz* et Juliette Perret*

Marionnettistes Valentin Arnoux, Coline Fouilhé, David Girondin Moab, Cristina Iosif, Sylvain Menard, Diana-Elizabeth Neva Jaramillo, Candice Picaud, Philippe Rodriguez-Jorda

Choir and orchestra Les Arts Florissants

Production Opéra Comique

Coproduction Les Arts Florissants, Opéra Royal - Château de Versailles Spectacles

With the support of Institut International de la Marionnette dans le cadre de son dispositif d’aide à l’insertion professionnelle des diplômés de l’ESNAM

*Artists from Arts Florissants

Avec le soutien

Cette production est soutenue par Madame Aline Foriel-Destezet, Mécène principale de l’Opéra Comique


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