The Nouvelle Troupe Favart

Born out of the transformation of the Académie de l’Opéra Comique, the Nouvelle Troupe Favart allows the Opéra Comique to restore the esprit de troupe while letting the methods of operatic production evolve.

From 2017 onward the Opéra Comique will develop close ties with singers who wish to take up works with an approach that is both dramatic and musical, and with a creative spirit of companionship. Suitable as it is for today's careers, the Nouvelle Troupe Favart is composed of two circles. Season after season, the associate singers – ambassadors of the Opéra Comique – play the leading roles in productions and are eager to convey their art to the public, and to their young colleagues whom they meet regularly. The singers in residence are supported during several periods over several seasons and benefit from a long-term training while being scheduled in supporting roles and as understudies as well as in dissemination, mediation and departitioning projects implemented by the Opéra Comique, particularly with the Maîtrise populaire de l’Opéra Comique.

Together with its associate singers and those in residence mobilized by the power of a joint project, the Opéra Comique acquires a troupe which is not really one, a company of singers who will embody the joyful, saucy, maybe iconoclastic identity of an institution ready to enter a new era, an era of artistic creativity and economic rationality.


2018_jsbou_troupe.png 2018_ronandebois_troupe.png 2018_leadesandre_troupe.png 2018_jodiedevos_troupe.png Cyrille Dubois

2018_yoanndubruque_troupe.png Philippe Estephe Judith Fa 2018_acgillet_troupe.png Christian Helmer

2018_enguerranddehys_troupe.png 2018_marionlebegue_troupe.png 2018_franckleguerinel_troupe.png Marc Mauillon 2018_lionelpeintre_troupe.png 

2018_francoisrougier_troupe.png 2018_mspyres_troupe.png Florie Valiquette 2018_majdoulinezerari_troupe.png


Jean-Sébastien Bou, baryton | Manon et Fortunio
Ronan Debois, baryton | Porte 8
Lea Desandre, mezzo-soprano | Porte 8
Jodie Devos, soprano | Mécanopéra, À l'heure du déjeuner
Cyrille Dubois, ténor | Fortunio
Yohan Dubruque, baryton | Mécanopéra, À l'heure du déjeuner
Philippe Estèphe, baryton | Manon
Judith Fa, soprano | Porte 8
Anne-Catherine Gillet, soprano | Madame Favart et Fortunio
Christian Helmer, baryton | Madame Favart
Enguerrand de Hys, ténor | L'Inondation
Marion Lebègue, mezzo-soprano | Manon et Fortunio
Franck Leguérinel, baryton | Madame Favart et Fortunio
Marc Mauillon,
baryton | Porte 8
Lionel Peintre,
baryton | Madame Favart  et Porte 8
François Rougier,
ténor | Madame Favart
Michael Spyres, ténor | Le Postillon de Lonjumeau
Florie Valiquette,
soprano | Le Postillon de Lonjumeau
Majdouline Zerari,
mezzo-soprano | Porte 8



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