What to do if your production is cancelled?

Published on 23 March 2020

All our teams are mobilized to process your requests related to donations, refunds and postponement of tickets to cancelled performances.

Cancelled events

- Macbeth Underworld
- Guided tours of our theater in March, April, May, June and July
- Chantez maintenant in May and June
- Porte 8 with Bruno Bayeux in May
- Productions of Mon premier festival d’opéra (Petite balade aux enfers - has been postponed from 17 to 20 September 2020, Don Quichotte, Laïka le chien de l’espace)
- Mécanopéra in May and November
- The concert At lunchtime in May and November
- Le Voyage dans la lune (postponed in 2021)
- Carmen (postponed in 2023)
- Symposium L'Opéra, un « lieu de mémoire » (reporté en 2023)
- Le Bourgeois gentilhomme 
- Porte 8 Kids in October
- Chansons à partager (2020 and january 2021)
- Hippolyte et Aricie
- Fantasio

- Le cabaret de la Troupe #2
- Chantons, faisons tapage
- Concert de Noël 
- Masterclass Barbara Hannigan. 
- Cours public de la Maîtrise
- Titon et l'Aurore. The show is availabled online on medici.tv in direct on 19 January 2021 at 8pm, and during 3 months and then availabled on Mezzo.
- Porte 8 Kids of february 2021.
- La Belle Hélène. The opera is cancelled and is remplaced by « Concert de gala pour salle vide »
- Le colloque "La troupe de l’Opéra Comique, hier et demain" has been moved to 20 May 2021.

Postponed events

- Porte 8 with Valerie Lesort : Le Cabaret Horrifique (has been postponed from 27 June to 4 July 2020)

Many of you have expressed their wish not to be reimbursed for their tickets in order to support the Opéra Comique and the performing arts, which has deeply moved us. We want to thank you warmly. Please let us know your choice by emailing us at billetterie@opera-comique.com with the words “DONATION”, “POSTPONEMENT” or “REFUND” as Object of your message and indicating your contact details or booking reference in the message body.


It is possible to use the sum you paid for your tickets as a donation by emailing us as mentioned above with your contact details. You will receive a tax receipt for 2020 (before the end of 2020) which will allow you to deduct up to 66% of your donation amount from your 2021 income tax.

Postponed tickets

Our teams are already entitled to postpone your seats to any other season’s production for an equivalent or higher sum. Email us as mentioned above. The change will be finalized as soon as the theater reopens.

Refunded tickets

To be refunded of your tickets, send us your e-tickets in PDF along with a RIB (IBAN) of the bank account used for payment, indicating your contact details or booking reference.

For those in possession of paper tickets, please send them to us along with a RIB (IBAN) of the bank account used for payment as soon as the theater reopens.

Those who have collected their tickets at the box office of the theater are advised to email us as mentioned above with the word “REFUND” as Object of your message and the contact details of the purchaser as well as the booking reference along with a RIB (IBAN) – if possible – in the message body. 

In both cases, the refunds will be finalized as soon as the theater reopens.

Those who have purchased their tickets at a ticketing agency should contact the ticketing agency directly in order to be refunded.

For further information and processing of your requests, please contact us at billetterie@opera-comique.com

Email us! 
We are telecommuting during the crisis and will process all your requests as soon as possible even if working at home tends to slow down handling.

We do hope to see you at one of our next productions or at the Operaoke and wish you well.

Be careful

The team of the Opéra Comique