The Malvina and Denise Menda scholarship Awards, in pictures

Every year, the Malvina and Denise Menda scholarships are awarded to young promising soloists. Flashback on the Awards ceremony which took place on 5th October 2022 in the presence of the award-winners Rachel Masclet, Judith Gasnier, Amélie Tatti, Lysa Menu and Halidou Nombre.

Published on 11 October 2022

Agathe Waquet, Rachel Masclet, Judith Gasnier, Amélie Tatti, Lysa Menu Halidou Nombre, Louis Langrée © Stefan Brion


In order to support young talents and promote equal opportunities, the Opéra Comique awards 9,500€ scholarships every year to five talented young singers in the making.

Thanks to generous bequests from Malvina and Denise Menda, and in partnership with the Fondation de France, the Opéra Comique’s Foyer was a medley of emotions as four sopranos and a baritone were awarded their scholarships.

Rachel Masclet, Judith Gasnier, Amélie Tatti, Lysa Menu and Halidou Nombre were presented with the now annual Menda scholarship by Louis Langrée, the Opéra Comique’s Director, and Agathe Waquet, responsible for the Fondation de France’s cultural foundations. A wonderful opportunity to spend a lyrical evening full of surprises as the soprano Amélie Tatti turns out to be… a former usherette of the Salle Favart!

Discover these upcoming talents in pictures

The two « pupil » laureates

Rachel Masclet*
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Judith Gasnier
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The three « young soloists » laureates

Amélie Tatti
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Lysa Menu
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Halidou Nombre
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“Patronage isn’t just about loving an institution but feeling responsible for its future.” Louis Langrée

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