Le Voyage dans la Lune in images

What if this back-to-work in January 2023 was not under the sign of "metro-work-sleep" but of space travel? Embark with Prince Caprice, King V'lan and the astronomer Microscope for an explosive culture shock among the Selenites!

Published on 3 January 2023

Le Voyage dans la Lune

Jacques Offenbach

January 24 to February 03, 2023

To the surprise of Selenites - the Moon Dwellers - three Earth-people land on the Moon and make themselves at home! Laurent Pelly directs the pupils of the Maîtrise Populaire in this hilarious Opéra -féérie inspired by Jules Verne. Created in camera in 2021, Laurent Pelly and Alexandra Cravero’s production is finally performed in public.