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The Opéra Comique closed its doors on July 1st to powder its nose. Eighteen months of works to fit out the auditorium with a much-needed ventilation system. 78 weeks to revamp certain working spaces. 550 days to change everything!

During the closing of the theater, our offices have taken up residence at 21 rue du Sentier, Paris 75002.

Although our teams will not return to the opera house before January 2017, we have scheduled 18 months of novel and original events. Stay connected so as to be informed of these events as from next September.

As signatory of the Vivre Ensemble charter, the Opéra Comique opens its doors to associations, teachers and educators committed to those unfamiliar with opera.

In order to better understand opera, tailor-made programs are carried out with associations that include guided tours of the theater, mediations, introduction to productions, meeting the administrative and technical staff….

Other tailor-made programs can be organized according to the schedules of the theater and of the associations.


Guided tour of public spaces and wings, meeting performing arts professionals. (coming soon)


You are welcome to visit the theater and practice the various disciplines of the theater. Special workshops will be dedicated to you: commedia dell'arte, vaudeville, Baroque dance, introduction to the trades of the stage. (coming soon)


Chloé Kobuta
21 rue du Sentier 75002 Paris
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