108, 87, 65, 40, 15, 6 €

L'Amant jaloux ou Les fausses apparences

André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry

March 15 to 21, 2010

108, 87, 65, 40, 15, 6 €

COMEDY in three acts, music by André Ernest Modeste Grétry. Libretto by Thomas d’Hèle. Premiered in Versailles on 20 November 1778

In Grétry’s L’Amant jaloux, the aesthetic of Enlightenment France is revived in a libretto full of wit and subtlety and a remarkably melodic score whose dramatic movement recalls Mozart, who is staying in Paris at the time. The Queen’s music director writes a masterpiece of the genre, a model of demi-caractère that balances the registers of comedy and sentiment. L’Amant jalouxwas included in the repertoire of many European theaters and confirmed Grétry as the greatest French composer of his time.


Act I
The prosperity of the business run by Lopez, a rich merchant of Cadiz, depends on the shares of his son-in-law who has just died. Lopez hopes to go into partnership with his daughter, which is possible only if she agrees to remain a widow. But Léonore is young and beautiful. So Lopez forbids Jacinte, the housekeeper, to let in a certain Don Alonzo, a penniless nobleman.
Alonzo’s sister, Isabelle, is Léonore’s best friend. Jacinte shelters her as she has fled her old tutor who wants to marry her by force. She has been helped in the street by Florival, a French officer with whom she arranges a tryst for the evening under Léonore’s window. Florival goes away persuaded that the woman he helped and whom he loves is called Léonore.
The latter hides her friend Isabelle in a closet as Alonzo announces himself. But as a true Spaniard, Alonzo is as jealous of his sister’s honor as he is of his paramour’s.
Besides, he is soon convinced that a man is concealed in the closet and refuses to leave upon the arrival of Lopez, furious at the intruder. The appearance of veiled Isabelle astounds Alonzo but reassures Lopez who believes Alonzo chases the unknown woman rather than his daughter.

Act II
While Isabelle takes refuge in the garden pavilion, Léonore decides to break with Alonzo, who is too jealous a lover. However, she agrees to a final discussion despite Lopez’s watchful eye.
As a true merchant, the latter welcomes Florival who is coming to withdraw money with a bill of exchange and chiefly to meet the man he takes for the father of his beloved. Intimidated, the young officer leaves not daring to confess anything.
But as soon as Lopez is in bed, Alonzo arrives in order to be forgiven by Léonore. Unfortunately, their reconciliation is spoiled by the serenade Florival, in search of Isabelle whom he has not seen again, is singing under Léonore’s window.

Hidden in Léonore’s garden pavilion, Isabelle hopes to see Florival again. After his serenade, he heads for the garden where the two lovers avow each other’s feelings. But Alonzo appears, convinced that the Frenchman is after his own mistress.
Astonished to find the two suitors in his garden at night, Lopez is told that they both woe Léonore! The three men turn toward the pavilion and enjoin Léonore to appear.
First surprise: Léonore arrives from the opposite direction and confounds Alonzo’s jealousy.
Second surprise: Isabelle comes out of the pavilion.
Amorous Alonzo can but accept his sister’s tender feelings for the officer. And being his uncle’s heir and marrying Léonore without dowry, this crazy night ends with the prospect of a double wedding.

Direction musicale, Jérémie Rhorer
Mise en scène, Pierre-Emmanuel Rousseau Avec Magali Léger, Daphné Touchais, Maryline Fallot, Frédéric Antoun, Brad Cooper, Vincent Billier

Le Cercle de l’Harmonie

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Monday, March 15, 2010 - 8:00pm
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - 8:00pm
Friday, March 19, 2010 - 8:00pm
Sunday, March 21, 2010 - 3:00pm
Salle Favart
108, 87, 65, 40, 15, 6 €

Introduction à l'œuvre par Agnès Terrier


Musical direction
Jérémie Rhorer
Stage direction
Pierre-Emmanuel Rousseau
Thibaut Welchlin
Claudine Crauland
Pierre-Emmanuel Rousseau
Gilles Gentner
Make-up, hairdresser
Laure Talazac
Musical assistant
Atsushi Sakaï
* Direction March 21
Stage direction assistant
Charlotte Rousseau
Choral director
Christophe Manien
French speech
Caroline Gautier
Magali Léger
Daphné Touchais
Maryline Fallot
Photo de Frédéric Antoun
Frédéric Antoun
Don Alonze
Brad Cooper
Don Lopez
Vincent Billier

Le Cercle de l’Harmonie

Coproduction, Opéra Comique, Centre de musique baroque de Versailles, (Opéra royal du château de Versailles 10, 13, 15 novembre 2009)

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