Renovation work: Favart undergoes a total makeover


The Opéra Comique has already gone through several restoration and modernization campaigns during off-seasons in order to keep up with our operatic activities. This was the case with the restoration of the roofing, of the glass roof, of the foyer (2012 off-season), the reorganization of offices, the installation of a public elevator accessible for persons with mobility impairments (2013 off-season).

The last phase of the works that is in progress – ventilation and compliance implementation of the auditorium with safety standards – required the complete closing of the theater since July 2015.

You are invited to follow the progress of the works on this page through photos all along the closing period


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The rotundas will regain their colors in 2017

The foyer of the Opéra Comique was one of the rare spaces of the house not included in the restoration work, so much so that it was isolated from the rest of the theater by a hermetic boarding. But in autumn 2016 the boarding will be dismantled for the restoration of one of the two rotundas on each side of the foyer so that it regains its luster, especially its colors. This operation is sponsored by Crédit du Nord. The work is to be completed for our reopening in early 2017. Following the first phase of the work, Crédit du Nord is expected to renew its partnership so as to finance restoration of the second rotunda.

A necessary and ambitious refurbishment campaign

Restoration operations in the emblematic spaces of the theater have been done in a way that is respectful of the original state, combining innovative technical suggestions and consideration of the functional needs of the Opéra Comique services. While certain elements were discovered and allowed us to anticipate and implement procedures, other factors appeared in the course of the renovation work.

The technical complexity inherent to a building listed as a national heritage site led to a delay of several weeks. In fact, continuous adaptation to the building for an impeccable and sustainable reopening was required to secure the quality of the elements to be restored

Renovation in detail

A few figures

During 20 months of work, the Opéra Comique will have witnessed: removal of seats, chandeliers, wall lights, hangings and decoration of all kinds, erection of indoor scaffolding, drilling of hoppers, installation of ventilation shafts and air handling units, restoration of gildings, stuccos, marble and paneling, redevelopment of the costume workshop, upgrading of the reception desk for people with mobility impairments.

8500 m2 total surface
307 premises / 15 stairways
13 companies representing 16 trades
80 workers per day
210 m3 of concrete
3284.62 kg of steel
2.3 km of ventilation shafts
2.7 km of plumbing
330 doors replaced or restored
700 m2 of carpet replaced
3 new elevators / 1 elevator restored
850 ventilation grids
7 air handling units, 3 of which delivered with a crane
35 km of cables
2.2 km of cable trays
850 lamps 
345 wall lights / chandeliers / ceiling lights removed and restored


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