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after Glück’s Orphée et Eurydice

Musical adaptation and direction: Marine Thoreau La Salle



Category: Lyrical performance with puppets

Language: French

Running time: 50 minutes 

Premiered: 13 February 2019, Opéra-Comique

Stage director and set designer: Valérie Lesort • Light and set designer : Pascal Laajili • Puppet designers: Carole Allemand, Sami Adjali • Musical adaptation and direction: Marine Thoreau La Salle

Chrysoline Dupont

Director of Artistic Coordination, Production and Development

In a few words

Orpheus is the founding myth of the history of opera in the West because it shows music and singing to be stronger than death, more powerful than the Underworld. The visual artist Valérie Lesort offers a fairy tale version of Gluck's work, full of humour, for singers and puppets. An enchanting show to introduce children to opera voices.


“Orpheus and Eurydice for all. A reduced version performed by "mini singers" in a travelling "mini Opéra Comique". My adaptation will be spoken and sung. Although Gluck's work begins with the death of Eurydice, I feel it is important and interesting to tell a brief story, perhaps in the form of a tale, about the life of Orpheus. The despair of a father to have a son who has no other passion than music, who is not interested in combat or war and who finally becomes a great hero thanks to his art and his lyre, which turns out to be the most powerful of weapons.”

Valérie Lesort, director

Press review

“Performances of such quality will undoubtedly break down the boundaries of opera, allowing a new generation to walk through the doors of opera houses without fear of being entertained.”

Classique c’est cool, 14 February 2019, Hugues Rameau-Cray


“The young audience was very receptive to the very funny text and voices, asking the artists pertinent questions after the performance. A show for all audiences, including adults, and which deserves a long life.”

Muzikzen, 13 February 2019, François Lafo


“Little creatures reminiscent of the Muppet Show that are crossed with opera songs: that is what the adaptation Petite balade aux enfers (Little Walk in the Underworld) offers. With this creation, Valérie Lesort and Marine Thoreau La Salle revisit the opera […] with humour and inventiveness. The odyssey, which lasts less than an hour, is embodied by hybrid characters: puppet bodies and actors' heads.”

Classique c’est cool, 14 February 2019, Hugues Rameau-Cray


Number of Principals: 3
Choir : Maîtrise Populaire de l’Opéra-Comique, recorded and broadcasted
Extras: 3 puppeteers

1 piano

Volume of the production
½ container

Other info
Last performed: June 2023, Mulhouse
Coproduction: Compagnie Point Fixe

Petite Balade aux enfers

February 13 to 17, 2019

In 2018 many adults and children alike have trodden the mosaics of the Opéra Comique for the first time during “Mon premier festival d’opéra” (My first opera festival). In 2019 this event is back with three productions intended for families as an introduction to the delights of music and singing. The Opéra Comique is doing its best to make these moments an unforgettable experience and offers a playful introduction before performances and the opportunity to meet the artists.

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