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Composer: Jacques Offenbach

Libretto: Ludovic Halévy and Henri Meilhac


Category: Opéra bouffe in three acts

Language: French

Running times: 2h45 (including intermission)

Premiered: 1874 in Théâtre des Variétés, Paris

New production: 15 May 2022, Opéra-Comique 

La Périchole © Stefan Brion | Stéphanie d’Oustrac (La Périchole), danseuse, chœur les éléments

Stage director: Valérie Lesort • Set designer: Audrey Vuong • Costume designer: Vanessa Sannino • Lighting designer: Christian Pinaud • Puppet designer: Carole Allemand • Choreography: Yohann Têté

Chrysoline Dupont

Director of Artistic Coordination, Production and Development

In a few words

At the end of the 18th century, Peru, a conquest of Spain, is ruled by an unscrupulous viceroy, surrounded by a complacent court. Will La Périchole, a beautiful street singer, allow herself to be corrupted by the monarch in order to eat her fill? Will she be able to win back her lover's esteem? Will they manage to escape from their golden prison?


“Carried by music as joyful and light as a champagne bubble, La Périchole depicts a Peru devastated by tyranny, poverty and the absolute power of a grotesque and egocentric viceroy. It is a dark work, a political satire, which oscillates between parody and reality, laughter and melancholy, gravity and burlesque.”

Valérie Lesort, director

Press review

“Valérie Lesort leads her carnival from Rio to Lima, this time staging Offenbach's abracadabrantesque operetta La Périchole on her own. Sannino's sartorial hysteria mixes cubist forms with traditional Peruvian costumes, in the same way that Offenbach mixes the Parisian cancan with folkloric dances.

ArtPress, 24 May 2022, Emmanuel Daydé

“The audience laughs a lot and loves everything, the exotic set, the jokesome costumes and the production full of winks, as director Valérie Lesort knows so well how to do.”

Les Soirées de Paris, 19 May 2022, Lise Bloch-Morhange

"La Périchole or the condition of the female artist between laughter and cruelty Valérie Lesort uses many devices in her staging. Scenic effects, costumes that can be changed as the play progresses, puppets representing dancing dogs or singing llamas. She pays homage to art and her enthusiastic cast performs a brilliant score full of surprises.”

Théâtre Actu, 18 May 2022, Paula Gomez


Number of Principals : 10 + 1 member of the choir

Chorus / parts (S/A/T/B): 26 (6/6/7/7) 

Extras: 6 dancers




8-7-6-5-3 / 2(II=picc).1.2.1/


Volume of the production

Set and props 3 containers


Other info

Création Opéra-Comique

Last performed : Opéra-Comique, 2022

Revival at Opera de Tours December 2023

La Périchole

Jacques Offenbach

May 15 to 25, 2022

At the end of the XVIIIth century, a ruthless viceroy and his lenient court, rule over the Spanish conquest of Peru. Will the beautiful street singer Perichole take bribes from the King to eat her fill? Will she win her lover’s respect back? Will they manage to escape from their gilded cage?

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