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Composer: Jean-Philippe Rameau third version (1757)

Libretto: Abbé Pellegrin


Category: Lyric tragedy in five acts

Language: French

Running times: 3h (including intermission)

Premiered: 1733, Opéra de Paris

New production: 11 November 2020, Opéra Comique

Hippolyte et Aricie | Opéra-Comique, 2020 © Stefan Brion

Stage director: Jeanne Candel • Set designer: Lisa Navarro • Costume designer: Pauline Kieffer • Lightning designer: César Godefroy • Dramaturgy and directing: Lionel Gonzalez • Movement collaborator: Yannick Bosc

Chrysoline Dupont

Director of Artistic Coordination | Production and Development:

In a few words

Prince Hippolyta loves Aricia, a beautiful captive devoted to the cult of Diana. In the absence of King Theseus, who has disappeared into the Underworld, he calls on his mother-in-law, Queen Phaedra. He has no idea that Phaedra, who secretly loves him, wants to offer him both her hand and the throne. But above all, who would imagine that Theseus would one day return from the kingdom of Pluto?


“Rameau's music, so expressive and spectacular, needs a sensitive and mobile space. This is why lighting and stage design take over the choreographic component of the work.

The Middle East and the Balkans, Pasolini's Medea and Mnouchkine's Shakespeare, Greece under Ottoman domination have been sources of inspiration to invent expressive costumes.”

Jeanne Candel, director

Press review

“A unique and fabulously interpreted performance.”

Sceneweb,15 November 2020, Christophe Candoni

“A massive and successful set by Lisa Navarro, somewhere between a disused car park, a bombed-out building and a boat carcass.”

Opera Online, 14 November 2020, Thibault Vicq

“To the antiquity of the subject and the eighteenth century of the score, Jeanne Candel and her collaborators have preferred a wardrobe gathered between then and now, between East and West, clearly defining each character in a contemporary setting..”

Les Echos, 15 November 2020, Philippe Venturini


Number of Principals: 9 + 4 members of the choir

Chorus / parts (Dessus/Hautes-Contres/Tailles/Basses-tailles): 25 (8/5/5/7)


40 period instruments

12 violins / 4 parts / 4 cellos / 1 viola da gamba / 2 double basses / 4 oboes / 2 horns / 4 flutes / 4 bassoons / 2 harpsichords / 1 percussion

Volume of the production

2 containers

Other info

Last performed: 2020, livestream, Opéra Comique

Hippolyte et Aricie

Jean-Philippe Rameau

November 11 to 22, 2020

Rameau adjusted his work of art each time it was played. Here, it is the 1757s version, without prologue, that Raphaël Pichon directs at the head of the Pygmalion group, whose orchestra happens to play period instruments. Jeanne Candel, who always commits at making music a theatre play , couldn’t help but connect with the visionary Rameau.

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