Watch the documentary “A ticket for the opera: The Maîtrise Populaire” on France 3

From the recruitment process to concerts in the Salle Favart, Abigaïl Mokienko has shadowed the pupils of the Maîtrise for a year.

Published on 26 August 2021

Discover the adventure of the Maîtrise’s educational, artistic and social project through its pupils’ portraits, as they go through rehearsals, lessons, performances, daily life and family life.

Don’t miss the broadcast on Thursday 22nd September 11:25pm on France 3

Watch some extracts of the documentary A ticket for the opera, the Opéra Comique ’s Maîtrise Populaire, produced by Electron Libre with the participation of France Télévisions.

Extract n°1 - Sarah Koné, artistic director of the Maîtrise, presents the pupils’ recruitment process and the start of the 2020 academic year.

Extract n°2 - Darren discovered the Opéra Comique when he enrolled in the Maîtrise last year. Touring priority education areas to discover talents that would have remained unveiled is THE objective of the recruitment campaign. Discover Darren’s parents opinion on his new adventure.

Extract n°3 - Despite the confinement and technical difficulties, Alicia brilliantly passed her audition to join the Maîtrise last year.
Watch an extract of her vocal audition and listen to her teacher’s comments.