Successful launch at Hôtel de Sully

Published on 19 September 2016

Taking advantage of Heritage Day on Saturday 17 September, you were invited by the Opéra Comique in the Hôtel de Sully gardens in downtown Paris to discover the 2017 season. The brochure, the programming, new events and rates were unveiled. An opportunity for fruitful and friendly exchanges with the artists and the house’s staff. Olivier Mantei’s first season as director is resolutely marked by openness. And that day was proof of it.

Alain Blanchot, Violeta Cruz, Jos Houben, Nicolas Jacquard, Franck Krawczyk, Christelle Morin, Agnès Terrier
Alix le Saux et Franck Leguérinel accompanied at the piano by Marine Thoreau La Salle
The Maîtrise Populaire de l'Opéra Comique 

View the photos and video of the event below. It was great to meet again!