Robert le cochon et les kidnappeurs : rehearsals in pictures

Published on 21 March 2022

Follow the rehearsals of Robert le cochon et les kidnappeurs from behind the scenes.

Musical direction Marc-Olivier Dupin • Stage direction Ivan Grinberg

With Sahy Ratia, Christophe Gay, Faustine de Monès, Damien Bouvet, Marie-Andrée Bouchard-Lesieur

Orchestra Les Frivolités parisiennes

Musique de Marc-Olivier Dupin • Livret d’Ivan Grinberg

Robert le cochon et les kidnappeurs

Marc-Olivier Dupin

April 06 to 10, 2022

On a quiet night, Robert the Pig, finds out that his friend the wolf Mercibocou has been abducted by Trashella, the owner of the garbage dump. To have him released, Robert’s boldness, Nouille’s passion and the Moon’s help will be necessary

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My first opera festival

April 6 to 17, 2022

A wonderful opportunity to introduce your children to the emotions conveyed by music and chant!