The Opéra Comique in French schools

16 September 2016

In February 2016, Le Mystère de l’Ecureuil Bleu was our first Web operatic creation with a text by Ivan Grinberg and music by Marc-Olivier Dupin. 
A few months later, with the help of Sodexo Education and société Upian, the work intended for children aged 7 to 11 was enriched with digital and educational workshops.

Seven educational sequences centered on the seven tableaux of Le Mystère de l’Ecureuil Bleu. 
Two reporters immersed behind the scenes of an opera share their discoveries with children. 
Quizzes in teams to take up challenges. Thematic games outdoors to prolong the amusement.

Stimulate the curiosity of children, prompt them to marvel, see, listen, but also exchange and share their experiences.

During extracurricular time, these video contents will be offered to public schools through local authorities and to private schools. 
The possibility of their being accessible to all families is under consideration. We'll keep you informed in due time.



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