Extracts from Coronis

Published on 13 February 2022

Salle Favart, February 14 to 17, 2022.

Coronis, Sébastián Durón | Created in Caen in 2019

Musical direction Vincent Dumestre • Staging direction Omar Porras • With Marie Perbost, Isabelle Druet, Cyril Auvity, Anthea Pichanick, Victoire Bunel, Marielou Jacquard, Caroline Meng, Stephan Olry, Eugénie Lefebvre • Orchestra Le Poème Harmonique


Sebastián Durón

February 14 to 17, 2022

The nymph Coronis flees the monster and brutal lover Triton while a war breaks out between Apollo and Neptuno: one sets the Thrace country they both want to rule over on fire while the other is flooding it. Ending love entanglements and warlike adventures, Apollo kills Triton and saves Coronis. They are appointed King and Queen by Jupiter.

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