Mental health and cognitive disability

La Maîtrise Populaire

La Maîtrise Populaire © Stefan Brion


To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to visit the theatre - including the most remote sections of the public - the Opéra-Comique has introduced a broad accessibility policy for all its activities: it is the lead institution in the introduction of Relax sessions, and also hosts tactile tours and concerts in song.

  • 15% of people benefit from the accessibility policy
  • 15 audio description sessions
  • 8 inclusive sessions Relax

Dedicated offers

  • Inclusive Relax sessions for audiences with autism, multiple disabilities, mental or psychological disabilities, Alzheimer's disease, etc.
  • Sing-singing concerts for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Lip-reading and tactile tours
  • 50% discount on opera and concert tickets for people with disabilities and those accompanying them
  • Programmes in Braille and large print
  • Tactile introductions to certain shows
  • Amplifying headphones and magnetic loops available every evening

To find out more, visit the Accessibility page.

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