Isabelle Aboulker


Isabelle Aboulker is the granddaughter of opera composer Henry Février. Her father, Marcel Aboulker, a film-maker and writer, instilled in her a taste for reading, poetry and literature from an early age. 

She began composing for the cinema, radio and television at a very early age, and it was after winning the accompaniment prize at the Paris Conservatoire and a position as assistant in the singing class of soprano Janine Micheau that she began to focus on vocality in the fields of teaching and composition. 

Professor of accompaniment at the Conservatoire d'Amiens in 1981, Isabelle Aboulker was appointed Professor of musical training and deciphering for singers at the Paris Conservatoire in 1983, a post she held until 2003, during which time she published a number of educational works for singers. 

A prolific composer, her catalogue includes numerous melodies, chamber operas, oratorios, musical tales and operas for young audiences, premiered on major stages in Geneva, Lyon, Toulouse, Rennes and Montpellier, and regularly performed in conservatoires and music schools.

In 2021, Isabelle Aboulker was awarded the Prix Sacem for repertoire for young audiences, among other distinctions, and is delighted to be recognised as the holder of a thread that links her to childhood.  


Isabelle Aboulker

April 25 to May 05, 2024

Mathieu Romano, James Bonas and Ewan Jones coordinate the multiple talents of the Maîtrise – singing, theatre and dance – at the service of a utopia that will amuse young audiences and adults eager to share their love of opera, as much as it will make them think.

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