Giuliana Kiersz


Giuliana Kiersz (1991, Buenos Aires) is a feminist author and artist currently based in Berlin. Her  methods explore our relationship with language, reflecting within specific contexts to create  fantasies that move the social and political horizon. She creates interventions through literature,  performance and visual arts, practicing writing as a collective act to expand the political dimension  of words. Her play “El fin” (The end) won first place in the X German Rozenmacher Prize; “Isabel  I” received third prize in the National Theatre Institute’s 15th National Dramaturgy Competition;  and ”B”, "502" and "The day she said that she had killed the dog I took the car" were granted with  Maison Antoine Vitez translation awards. Her work has been supported by many international  institutions including Akademie Schloss Solitude, Maxim Gorki Theater, Senatsverwaltung für  Kultur und Europa, London’s Royal Court Theatre, the National Institute of Scenic Arts in Uruguay  (INAE), the Ministry of Culture of Argentina, the International Literature Festival of Buenos Aires,  the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), among others. Her texts have been  translated into English, German, French, Portuguese and Tsosil and published by Rara Avis  Editorial, Libros del Rojas, Fondo Editorial ENSAD, Editorial INTeatro, Espejo Somos, Libros  Drama and Solitude Editions / Archive Books. At the moment she is working on a lecture  performance for Maxim Gorki Theater and is part of Young Woman Opera Makers, a training  program at the Académie du Festival d'Aix led by Katie Mitchell.