Salle Favart, the heaven is at every floor


The Opéra Comique opens its doors to paradise for young adults!


  1. fig. and colloquially. A delicious stay.
  2. fig. The most pleasant, happiest state one can be in.
  3. Theater term. Amphitheater in the highest areas above the loges.
  4. The salle Favart, where paradise can be found on all floors!


visuel_paradis.pngTickets for 20€, inspiring events at dawn or dusk and other good deals all throughout the season: the caryatids of the Salle Favart hold many surprises. To take advantage of them, sign up for the Paradise newsletter.


visuel_paradis.png35% off all the performances of the 2019 season (excluding flat rate performances).


Reservations can be made at the box office: 1 Place Boieldieu in the 2nd arrondissement or by phone +33(0)1 70 23 01 31 (local call cost). Proof of identity is required.


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Appelez la billetterie pour connaître le nombre de places offertes pour la séance du lendemain. S'il y en a une, elle pour vous ! Le jour du spectacle, venez retirer votre place à l’accueil du théâtre.

Pour savoir combien de places sont disponibles, contactez la billetterie : 01 70 23 01 01

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