Sponsorship / Partnership, a history to be written with you 


As customs change, as most cultural places redefine their models to appeal to tomorrow's public and take up the challenges of a new, increasingly restrictive economy, this is high time for new forms and ideas. This path promises to be heartening provided it is traveled in the company of others. 
Of the meetings that mark the history of an opera house, those which build bridges between the private and the state sectors are among the richest. Firstly, because the highly singular production methods and skills of opera can be very beneficial to the corporate world in general. Secondly, because the time is ripe for public theatrical institutions to open their doors to the corporate world in a different way: trying to understand its issues so as to offer adapted solutions and a novel relationship to culture and opera. 
The Opéra Comique is a house of creation: our team is at your disposal to present the various collaboration opportunities and imagine together a partnership that come up to your expectations.

A project, several keys for entry
You share the values of exactingness, creativity and daring with the Opéra Comique. You wish to be involved in a new and ambitious project in the heart of Paris. 
Many formulas could be contrived to participate in the event:

  • Contributing to the history of the house by supporting a production 
  • Co-Building an innovative program
  • Supporting our initiatives toward education, integration into the world of work or access to culture for those unfamiliar with it (such as the Maîtrise populaire de l’Opéra Comique)

Being a partner of the Opéra Comique is to give concrete expression to the values of your company with your teams and partners. By participating in this process, aside from associating yourself to the influence of the Opéra Comique, you enjoy special access to the theater and the programming, you become part of an active and dynamic network of partners and benefit from tailor-made compensations.

If our cooperation is a sponsorship, you allow your company to have an approach of social responsibility and therefore benefit from:
- compensations amounting to 25% of your donation 
- a 15% discount for your employees) 
- and a tax deduction up to 60% of your donation, within the limit of 0.5% of your turnover.


Nathalie Moine
Adjointe du Secrétaire Général en charge du marketing et des partenariats
Phone: +33 1 70 23 01 06 - Mobile phone: +33 6 98 50 47 07
E-mail address: nathalie.moine@opera-comique.com