Souvenirs de la troupe

Memories and archives of the Opéra Comique company


Salle Favart

22 November 2018


22 November 2018 8.00 pm

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0 825 01 01 23 (0,15 €/min) / Subscriptions: from 18 Sept. / Single tickets: from 16 Oct. 2017


10 €


The artists of the Opéra Comique company were among the first performers to be hired by the emerging film industry, from silent movies inspired by standards of the repertoire to musical films that took advantage of the Opéra Comique successes. Today the Opéra Comique offers you to explore, together with Benoît Duteurtre, opera in cinema. The programing enables you to revive the emotions of a screening in a historic theater and discover forgotten or recently restored masterpieces.
Screenings presented by Benoît Duteurtre

Souvenirs de la troupe
With Jean-Philippe Lafont in attendance, this evening conducted by Benoît Duteurtre describes the main stages of his international career and his pleasure to pass down opera to young generations. The life of the Opéra Comique company in the twentieth century is revived by way of music, images and archives through its great moments and little anecdotes.

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