Porte 8


from 06 June
to 8 December 2017


6 June 2017 10.00 pm

8 June 2017 10.00 pm

7 September 2017 10.00 pm

8 September 2017 10.00 pm

17 October 2017 10.00 pm

18 October 2017 10.00 pm

All dates


0 825 01 01 23 (0,15 €/min)


€25, including one drink


13 November 2017

Lea Desandre and Marc Mauillon rehearsing

Vocalists Lea Desandre and Marc Mauillon, accompanied by Marine Thoreau La Salle, unveil their backstage secrets on Fridays and Saturdays at 10 pm to be relished with a drink in the friendly atmosphere of Porte 8. Book here

06 September 2017

Welcome to the music club

Have a drink in an intimate room of the Opéra Comique theater turned into a music club and let yourself be carried away by songs. Attend the meeting of two baritones and a stage director who apparently had nothing in common. Three personalities...

Once or twice a month the Opéra Comique houses a bar below the salle Favart and becomes a music club. Artists from outside the opera world are given carte blanche to revisit the repertoire and celebrate chanson. Each artist leads the singers of the Nouvelle Troupe Favart in a moment of freedom and complicity with the audience. 
Notice to music lovers of the night: new rendezvous and new entrance! Come in through the small door at 8 Rue Marivaux.

A detailed program is available on the Opéra Comique website one month before each night. 

Entrance at 10 pm through Porte 8 at 8 Rue Marivaux.



6, 7 and 8 December
Cabaret by Emeline Bayart
Piano Manuel Peskine

With the support of

Passed events

  • 6 and 8 June

The Emeline Bayart cabaret
Piano Manuel Peskine


Galoppe d'Onquaire, Maurice Yvain, Albert Willemetz, Raymond Asso, Francis Poulenc, Jean Nohain, Mireille, Richard o'Monroy, Harry Fragson...

  • 7 and 8 September

With Philippe Estèphe, Yves-Noël Genod, Lionel Peintre
Piano Martin Surot

  • 17 and 18 November

With Marc Mauillon, Lea Desandre et Olivier Martin Salvan
Staging Olivier Martin Salvan

Dramaturge Mathilde Hennegrave
Piano Marine Thoreau La Salle



Wolfgang A Mozart Don Juan : Duo Zerline et Don Juan « Là, nos deux mains unies »
Ambroise Thomas Mignon : Air de Mignon «  Connais-tu le pays »
Georges Bizet Les pêcheurs de perles : Air de Zurga « L’orage s’est calmé »
Claude Debussy Pelléas et Mélisande : Duo de la Tour (acte III scène 1) « Mes longs cheveux descendent »
Charles Gounod Roméo et Juliette : Air de Stéphano « Que fais-tu, blanche tourterelle" ; « Ô ma belle rebelle » (poème de J.A de Baïf)
Franz Lehar La veuve joyeuse : Duo Missia et Danilo « Heure exquise »

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