La Belle Hélène

A film by Stellio Lorenzi (1956)


Salle Favart

30 September 2017


30 September 2017 8.00 pm

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0 825 01 01 23 (0,15 € /min)




A film by Stellio Lorenzi (1956) based on Jacques Offenbach's operetta (1864). 
With Suzanne Lafaye, Robert Hirsch, Jacques Charron, Roland Manuel.

The seduction of Helen, wife of the King of Sparta, by Trojan prince Paris led to the Trojan War and inspired many academic artists as well as Offenbach in this burlesque masterpiece interpreted by a whole host of outstanding comical actors-singers. It was filmed in the studio for television at a time when operetta was scheduled for prime time.

Screening presented by Benoît Duteurtre with attractions

The artists of the Opéra Comique company were among the first interpreters hired by the emerging film industry, from silent movies inspired by standards of the repertoire to musical films taking advantage of the successes of the Opéra Comique. Today the Opéra Comique offers to explore opera in cinema with the help of Benoît Duteurtre. The programming of these films is a way to revive the emotion of a screening in a historic theater and to discover forgotten or recently restored masterpieces. 

In partnership with the INA

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