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The closing of the Salle Favart has been an opportunity to dare new practices when today’s technologies are combined with the artists’ desires. Opera ought to be a place for experimentation.

To keep on opening all these possibilities, in 2017 the Opéra Comique takes the plunge and creates the “OperaLab”, a cultural observatory, a place for practice and an incubator of talents.
Promoting a liking for the stage through experimentation, creating alchemy between those who devise productions and those who discover them, building bridges between analog and digital technologies, the public domain and private companies, transmission of practices and the sharing of knowledge, between generations too. Anticipating the opera of tomorrow together.
Calls for projects launched by the Opéra Comique will allow everybody to make their contributions: artists, video makers, programmers, Web developers, researchers, scholars or informed amateurs, and all those who wish to experiment and share their expertise.

Digital resources will be available for remote access provided those who use them keep in with the Favart spirit. Forums will be offered to creators. Just as we did with Kein Licht and Fantasio in 2016, we’ll continue to chronicle some operas. We are preparing a lively platform with digital extensions connected to social networks, a space dedicated to professionals, artists, neophytes and specialists, students and partners – a laboratory. The input keys will be varied and the forms hybrid in order to inspire, change ideas, learn and invent.

The Opéra Comique switches to start-up mode and dreams of becoming an incubator, mobilizing, in companies and cultural institutions, all those who promote innovation in the performing arts and particularly in sung drama. We look forward to giving this purpose a special place in the second half of 2017: the box office, opposite the theater (1 Place Boieldieu).
The calendar and information will be available in our newsletter, on our website and social networks. All good ideas are welcome.

Discover the first projects:

The Opéra Comique in French schools

In February 2016, Le Mystère de l’Ecureuil Bleu was our first Web operatic creation with a text by Ivan Grinberg and music by Marc-Olivier Dupin. 
A few months later, with the help of Sodexo Education and société Upian, the work intended for children aged 7 to 11 was enriched with digital and educational workshops.

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Chronicle on a creation by Joël Pommerat

The Opéra Comique is developing a model of production that grants time to the maturation of rehearsal work and allows the audience to witness the different stages of the creative process.

After the success of the opera Au monde, drawn from his production by the Belgian composer Philippe Boesmans, Joël Pommerat comes to the Opéra Comique to write his first original opera libretto. A unique opportunity to see an author in the making on stage and interacting with the performers. 

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Chronique / Donnerstag aus Licht

The Opéra Comique is developing a model of production that grants time to the maturation of rehearsal work and allows the audience to witness the different stages of the creative process. 

The orchestra Le Balcon, conducted by Maxime Pascal, offers workshops about this rare and notoriously difficult piece premiered in 1981 at the Scala, all the aspects of which will be grasped gradually. These meetings for the general public and young audiences will allow everyone to get hold of the Karlheinz Stockhausen cycle.

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