Folies Favart


The Opéra Comique exerts its influence beyond the Salle Favart and disseminates original productions outside its theater where it is not expected, such as sites steeped in history, intimate venues that are ideal for musical theater or towns devoid of opera houses.

Collaborating with places of character in order to give life to lighter, more adventurous, more impertinent forms, to new operatic and theatrical forms: operas and opéras comiques, transcriptions or adaptations, and original pieces, staged recitals and popular pastiches as in Handel’s and Mozart’s time – free, intermingling and tailor-made.

The Opéra Comique offers its new partners to be the first to attend operatic events created with them and for them. They will be associated with a scalable and itinerant production laboratory which will stop at Salle Favart.

These "Folies" will be seasonal residences for young creators, flexible instrumental ensembles, pianists and choral directors, young vocalists and candidates for the Nouvelle Troupe Favart.

We will be in residence at the Théâtre impérial de Compiègne, the Théâtre municipal de Fontainebleau, the Théâtre municipal de Bastia, the Opéra de Reims.

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