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06 September 2017

Have a drink in an intimate room of the Opéra Comique theater turned into a music club and let yourself be carried away by songs. Attend the meeting of two baritones and a stage director who apparently had nothing in common. Three personalities from distinct worlds whose passions intersect thanks to 19th century Paris and literature. And what about jazz? They rather like it and a few surprises are in store for you.

Our three enthusiasts appear together at Porte 8 for an operatic ‘jam session’ from Paris to Broadway, from Hervé to Leonard Bernstein as well as Offenbach and Rimbaud.

A convivial experience offered by the Opéra Comique on 7 and 8 September at 10 pm.

With Philippe Estèphe, Yves-Noël Genod, Lionel Peintre and Martin Surot (piano)

Entrance at 8 Rue Marivaux, 75002 Paris

Admission: €20 (including a drink)

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