In September the Opéra Comique will refresh you!

13 July 2017

After the summer break, plenty of rest, ice cream, the beach, sunburns and ephemeral love affairs, September will be eventful at the Opéra Comique: Porte 8 on September 7th and 8th with baritones Lionel Peintre and Philippe Estèphe and a staging by Yves-Noël Genod, Miranda on September 25th directed by Katie Mitchell and conducted by Raphaël Pichon on Purcell’s music.

And also the announcement of the 2018 season! On September 17th on the Journées du patrimoine (European Heritage Days), the Opéra Comique invites you to discover the new season with special events and the program to be unveiled on your coming back from vacation. Subscriptions will commence on September 18th at 11 am.

Meanwhile, I wish you a beautiful and restful summer! You still can book online here 


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