Rehearsals of Le Postillon de Lonjumeau onstage

25 March 2019

The artists of Le Postillon de Lonjumeau are rehearsing onstage. Last week a few scenery elements and props already made us travel in eighteenth-century Paris as dreamed by Michel Fau. Some final indications uttered in good spirits by Sébastien Rouland which makes us eager to watch sparkling Madame de Latour played by Florie Valiquette and stately Saint Phar by Michael Spyres.

This week they put on their costumes for the final rehearsal sessions with the orchestra before the first public performance next Saturday.


Le Postillon de Lonjumeau from 30 March through 9 April 2019

Music direction Sébastien Rouland

Staging Michel Fau

With Michael Spyres, Florie Valiquette, Franck Leguérinel, Laurent Kubla, Michel Fau, Yannis Ezziadi

Choir accentus/Opéra de Rouen Normandie

Orchestra of Opéra de Rouen Normandie

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Photos ©Stefan Brion - Opéra Comique


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